Review: Heroes of Olympus – The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan




Heroes of Olympus – The Last Hero 

Author: Rick Riordan

Publisher: Puffin Books

Genres: Young Adult, Fiction, Adventure, Friendship, Children

Pages: 551

Format: Paperback

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

The Number one, bestselling title in this new spin-off series from Percy Jackson creator, Rick Riordan. 

When Jason, Piper and Leo crash land at Camp Half-Blood, they have no idea what to expect. Apparently this is the only safe place for children of the Greek Gods – despite the monsters roaming the woods and demigods practising archery with flaming arrows and explosives. But rumours of a terrible curse – and a missing hero – are flying around camp. It seems Jason, Piper and Leo are the chosen ones to embark on a terrifying new quest, which they must complete by the winter solstice. In just four days time. Can the trio succeed on this deadly mission – and what must they sacrifice in order to survive?


I enjoyed this even more than Percy Jackson books! 

Starting with the writing (that I already loved), this one is less simple I guess… and I didn’t find those moments were he used to tell again some moments (like a reminder) that I really disliked but, I do understand since Percy is a middle grade book, but what I want to say is that I am glad it doesn’t happen here (at least till now), and I don’t think it will, at least with so much frequency.

Comparing the story to Percy Jackson… I love both, just in different ways. I feel that Percy Jackson is amazing but much more simple than this one(s).

I loved the fact the we moved to “another” series with new main characters (that are awesome) without losing some of the old ones.

The way Rick Riordan mixes Greek and Roman mythologies is just amazing! And is still credible like it was in Percy Jackson. It just seems so possible, doesn’t it?!

For sure the book got me super excited from beginning to end!
Excited to continue the rest of the series!!!




This book starts with Jason. Who is Jason? Well…

Even before he got electrocuted, Jason was having a rotten day.

He woke in the backseat of a school bus, not sure where he was, holding hands with a girl he didn’t know. That wasn’t necessarily the rotten part. The girl was cute, but he couldn’t figure out who she was or what he was doing there. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, trying to think.

A few dozen kids sprawled in the seats in front of him, listening to iPods, talking, or sleeping. They all looked around his age…fifteen? Sixteen? Okay, that was scary. He didn’t know his own age.

So yeah, that’s Jason!

His friends, Piper and Leo remembered him, but he didn’t. Did they really remember? Was it all a play? He didn’t know, and neither did they.

Then weird things started happening we noticed that his coach didn’t know him, but he said that he was waiting for him, because maybe he  was the special package that was joining to the other two.

Jason was even more confused! But soon they started being attacked by their own colleague (not a very nice one) but wait! of course… He was a monster! And his friends.

And it all started again in a very amazing way!



“Please excuse Jason from eternal damnation. He has had amnesia.”

Jason is amazing! He is the most powerful demigod until now, maybe even more than Percy(?) Just maybe… Soon to tell, but he is amazing!!

Although he doesn’t know Piper and Leo for real, he really protects and seems a true friend to them! And that is just lovely because since afterwards he knew he didn’t know them and it was the mist, he could have acted different and he did not.


“Piper patted his shoulder. “Trust me, Valdez. Beautiful people never lie.”

Piper at first saw her as weak. But I changed my opinion very fast 😛 She was just a spooked girl, that was torn between saving his dad and his friends. She just couldn’t betray them. She is lovely in her own way, and you can see a big development in her character in just this book! I just love her!

Oh and that “charmspeaking power” is amazing stuff!


“Vulcan?” Leo demanded. “I don’t even LIKE Star Trek!”

Leo… Ah leo, he is the funny type. He is just amazing!!

He uses his humor to cover his feelings, he is extremely powerful and a handyman 😛 He can build anything, just like his mother and of course daddy god. He had a hard life and still he is an amazing person! What happened to him, could have changed him to a very bad person but instead he is lovely!

Ah and he build Festus, the Happy Dragon. I laugh so much in this part looking at the cover and to the name hahah


This book has no dull moments, literally NADA. I felt that its such a powerful, fun, fantastic book! And with so much juice! 😉


I LOVED how he brought together Greek and Roman Mythologies! I think it will turn things so exciting (has they are already now)!!


I am a big fan of the writing, especially with this book. It’s so much more juicy and complex comparing to Percy.


✔ It’s still Percy Jacksonworld and with some of the characters!

✔ New Characters: Jason, Piper and Leo

✔ You get to know a lot, the character

✔ The Quest was awesome since we didn’t knew any of the characters

✔ Roman Mythologies

✔ The romance is still subtle and cute

✔ I looove the glossary of the gods at the end of the book


✘ There was a lot of character development so the quest was in the middle and mainly in the end of the book


If you like Percy Jackson you will love this!! Is just amazing and powerful and once again you have fun reading and you learn a lot!



Have you read this series?

Did you like it more or less than Percy Jackson??

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