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This will be my first Tag guys!!  YEEEYYYY!
I decided to do this tag (can you only do if your tagged? oh well…), because first of all, my blog is pretty recent so, you don’t know much of me yet, right? 😛 and also, I found it quite nice and fun, and I had never tried doing any, so here I go!!
Hope you like!!

Also, I don’t know who created this tag, but thank you!!!

A – Age: I just turned 22 last month 😀

B – Book I’m currently reading: I just finished Anna and the French Kiss! And now I am finally reading The Girl on the Train! 😀

C – Chore you hate: Vacuum cleaning  and ironing clothes for sure! The first one is just so loud! And the second one, I am really bad at it…

D – Dessert you love: Ice Cream and Pudding!

E – Essential start your day item: Aaaa, I don’t really have one…

F – Favourite author/book: This one is hard!! There are so many guys! But let’s go with Rick Riordan, The Heroes of Olympus series, expecially the 4th book!

G – Gold or silver: Hmm, I like both… But I would say that I prefer silver in color.

H – Height: 158cm. Yes, I know, I’m shorty.

I – Instruments you play: Obviously the flute! WOOW! …Anyway, I tried to learn guitar, but I failed, I tried drums but, guess what? I failed. Yeah, I am a lost case in playing music, but I like to listen to it! 😀

J – Job title: Student, and… I’m a mail girl 😛

K – Kids: Don’t have any. Maybe one day, not soon.

L – Living Arrangements: I moved to Finland one year ago to live with my boyfriend. So here I am 😛

M – Most overused word/phrase in your vocabulary: I guess it would be “Anyway”? Never really noticed, but lately I am saying that one a lot!

N – Nicknames: I don’t really have a nickname, but I have some friends that call me differently, and also my mom.

O – Overnight Hospital stay other than birth: Hmm, I think I just had to stay once, when I was like 14, I guess?

P – Pet peeve: body/feet drumming, any type of drumming.

Q – Quotes I like: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man how never reads lives only once.” George R. R. Martin. (But I have so many more!)

R – Right or left-handed: Right.

S – Siblings: None. Can I count my cat? I kinda see him as a brother…

T – Time you woke up today: I think, about at 9 a.m.

U- Unique thing about you: Hmm, don’t really know… Well, I am me! No one can be me right? that must be unique… Ok, kidding, I have no idea, but why don’t you try to find out? 😀

V – Vegetable you love: Broccoli is the first coming to mind. But I like some others too…

Y- Yummy food you make: I make good sandwiches and hamburgers 😛 Also good pasta! Anyway, I like to cook!

Z – Zodiac sign: Gemini I guess, but they always change the date everywhere, so Gemini (or Cancer sometimes?). Also I would like to say that sometimes they really manage to say something that I can relate to but other times, they are sooo NOT there. (I was going to use the word anyway now, but I remembered #M!) those guesses are not accurate, for sure.


I don’t really know how to tag people yet, sorry but if you want to do the Tag go ahead!! Have fun! 😀

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