September Wrap-up And October TBR


Hey guys!! It’s already end of this month and I am super happy because I love cozy clothes and snuggling in blankets! ❤ Anyone else??

This month I actually managed  to read everything that was in my TBR for September and a bit more! I read 8 books. Although 2 of them were re-reads.

Also I am super proud that I ended all my Summer reading list in the month! (a bit late but I DID it).

So here they are:

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  1. A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness – ★★★★★
  2. The Selection – Kiera Cass – ★★★★★
  3. The Elite – Kiera Cass – ★★★★☆
  4. The One –  Kiera Cass – ★★★★★
  5. The Heir – Kiera Cass – ★★★½☆☆
  6. The Crown – Kiera Cass – ★★★★☆
  7. Me Before You – Jojo Moyes – ★★★★★
  8. Melody’s key – Dallas Coryell – ★★★★½

So, this month I read all the books in the The Selection series. And I really loved them!! The first book is for sure my favorite with The One being close by. I totally can see why people did’t enjoy The Heir and The Crown so much but I still had a great time reading them!

I read A Monster Calls mainly because the movie is coming out, but I couldn’t be happier with that decision!! It was a powerful book and I wasn’t expecting it at all!! It was beautifully sad and I would recommend it for sure!!

Me Before You was as amazing as I was expecting! I am so happy I finally read this book!! It’s being on my TBR for quite a while!!

Also I just ended Melody’s Key and I loved it! It has that old feeling to it and a cute love story! And it was nice to have had a new adult book to my list since I tend to read more YA!

I think my favorite book for the month is Me Before You with  A Monster Calls being incredibly close! It’s actually difficult to choose one of them but I will go with that…

What was your favorite book for this month??


– You can check my page: for more information about all the books I read through the year; and about the books themselves through the links to Goodreads!

I am putting the reviews that are missing for them in October, so make sure you check it out! ❤


For my October TBR, I couldn’t be more lost… I always have an idea of what I will read… At least one book but this month I didn’t really know, but I think I will go for a bit of Halloween Books – and I will post a TAG with some ideas for halloween books in early October – because I feel like my mood changes with the seasons and I always want a different type of book in some season. October/November is perfect for spooky ones – or kinda supernatural stuff… what do you guys think?

I will probably pick up:

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I’m reading this month Fortunately the Milk since it came in the same box set as Coraline and The Graveyard Book and Twilight because I wanna read the reimagined version of it! And probably I will end up reading through the series, let’s see! 😛 If not I will read Six of Crows still this month! I’m so excited!!


Any idea of what you may read this month? Also any suggestion for a fall/winter mood type of book? >.<


Review: Fairest by Marissa Meyer




Fairest by Marissa Meyer

Series: The Lunar Chronicles #3.5

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Pages: 222

Format: Paperback

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

Fans of the Lunar Chronicles know Queen Levana as a ruler who uses her “glamour” to gain power. But long before she crossed paths with Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress, Levana lived a very different story—a story that has never been told … until now.

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Tag: The Zombie Apocalypse

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So watch as I assemble my team of brave warriors and prepare yourself for a zombie book tag!!

The original tag is in the media and was created by Nathan Hale.

Here’s how it works:

1. Pick five books.

2. Turn to a random page.

3. The first name you see gets to be on you zombie survival team.

4. Apply them to the 10 situations.

Before we start, below are the books I have chosen:


And I will pick my team in this order:

  1. A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
  2. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
  3. Cress by Marissa Meyer
  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
  5. The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

And now the results:

A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

1. The first person to die : Varys

Well, he could have came handy with his birds and all but oh well… LOL

2. The person you trip to get away from the zombies: Tyrion


This is to funny to be true hahaha Okay, I actually like the guy but I mean, he is kinda tiny it was difficult to see okay?!

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

3. The first person to turn into a zombie: Prim


No 😦 But you where so young and good!! WHY??????!!!!!

4. The person that trips YOU to get away from the zombies: Finnick


I knew it!! He couldn’t be all good, especially after all the ones he cared about die!! 😦 I understand you Finnick but…. I should have taken measures when I had the chance!!

Cress by Marissa Meyer

5. The idiot of the team: Thorne


hahaha that is a perfect match! 😛 SO OBVIOUS! Thorne you silly dude! 😀

6. The “brains” of the team: Levana


NOO FREAKING WAY!! Okay I am seeing two scenarios here… Or she is able to control the zombies or we can all fear for our life of she controlling us!!!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling

7. The team’s medic: Viktor Krum


I’m hopeless –‘ Could this ever have been worse??

8. The weapons expert: Harry


Finally someone! Hope Hermione has teached you something!! Because you might be my only hope!!

The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

9. The brawler: Frank


I know you don’t like your captain but come on!!! You have so much potential!!

10. The team captain: Leo


Oh thank god, I trust Leo to get this under control and save us all!! I mean he has too…

Well that was fun, wasn’t it? 🙂 And my team definitely could have been worse, so thank god for that. 😉

If you’re reading this and feel like doing it, consider yourself tagged! 😀

Who would your team be in a zombie apocalypse? Now you know a fun way to find out!

Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer (no spoilers)




Cress by Marissa Meyer

Series: The Lunar Chronicles #3

Publisher: Puffin Books

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance

Pages: 550

Format: Paperback

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

In this third book in Marissa Meyer’s bestselling Lunar Chronicles series, Cinder and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the run, now with Scarlet and Wolf in tow. Together, they’re plotting to overthrow Queen Levana and prevent her army from invading Earth.

Their best hope lies with Cress, a girl trapped on a satellite since childhood who’s only ever had her netscreens as company. All that screen time has made Cress an excellent hacker. Unfortunately, she’s being forced to work for Queen Levana, and she’s just received orders to track down Cinder and her handsome accomplice.

When a daring rescue of Cress goes awry, the group is splintered. Cress finally has her freedom, but it comes at a higher price than she’d ever expected. Meanwhile, Queen Levana will let nothing prevent her marriage to Emperor Kai, especially the cyborg mechanic. Cress, Scarlet, and Cinder may not have signed up to save the world, but they may be the only hope the world has.

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Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer




Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Series: The Lunar Chronicles #2

Publisher: Puffin Books

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance

Pages: 452

Format: Paperback

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

This is not the fairytale you remember.

But it’s one you won’t forget.

Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother is missing. The police have closed her case. The only person Scarlet can turn to is Wolf, a street fighter she does not trust, but they are drawn to each other.

Meanwhile, in New Beijing, Cinder will become the Commonwealth’s most wanted fugitive – when she breaks out of prison to stay one step ahead of vicious Queen Levana.

As Scarlet and Wolf expose one mystery, they encounter Cinder and a new one unravels. Together they must challenge the evil queen, who will stop at nothing to make Prince Kai her husband, her king, her prisoner . . .

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Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer (no spoilers)




Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Series: The Lunar Chronicles #1

Publisher: Puffin Books

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance

Pages: 387

Format: Paperback

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From space, a ruthless lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one knows that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl.

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future.

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Review: Four by Veronica Roth




Four by Veronica Roth

Series: Divergent #0.1 – 0.4

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Genres: Fiction, Dystopian, Science Fiction, Short Stories

Pages: 208

Format: Paperback

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

Two years before Beatrice Prior made her choice, the sixteen-year-old son of Abnegation’s faction leader did the same. Tobias’s transfer to Dauntless is a chance to begin again. Here, he will not be called the name his parents gave him. Here, he will not let fear turn him into a cowering child.

Newly christened “Four,” he discovers during initiation that he will succeed in Dauntless. Initiation is only the beginning, though; Four must claim his place in the Dauntless hierarchy. His decisions will affect future initiates as well as uncover secrets that could threaten his own future—and the future of the entire faction system.

Two years later, Four is poised to take action, but the course is still unclear. The first new initiate who jumps into the net might change all that. With her, the way to righting their world might become clear. With her, it might become possible to be Tobias once again.

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth comes a companion volume to the worldwide bestselling DIVERGENT series, told from the per-spective of the immensely popular character Tobias. The four pieces included here—THE TRANSFER, THE INITIATE, THE SON, and THE TRAITOR—plus three additional exclusive scenes, give readers an electrifying glimpse into the history and heart of Tobias, and set the stage for the epic saga of the DIVERGENT trilogy.

Four: A Divergent Story Collection contains all of the following short stories:
1. The Transfer: A Divergent Story
2. The Initiate: A Divergent Story
3. The Son: A Divergent Story
4. The Traitor: A Divergent Story


This book was amazing! There is not much to say more than that 😛 … Tobias has been the character I love the most, even comparing to Tris. And to know more about him was so much needed!! LOL

You get to know Four, 2 years before he even meets Tris. So you get to see a different side of him. You get to see the scared boy from Abnegation struggling to break free from his faction and abusive father, and you see him grow into the man he is by the time Divergent begins.

Four is that strong character we all saw in Divergent and so on but he is so much more than that! He passed through so much… he battled so hard to be better, to be different, to erase his ghosts…

I love him even more after this book!



What do you think of Four?

What was your favorite short story?