Review: Manga Classics – Pride and Prejudice by Stacy King




Manga Classics – Pride and Prejudice 

Author: Stacy King

Publisher: Udon Entertainment

Genres: Manga, Romance, Classics

Pages: 377

Format: Ebook

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

* Received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you very much! This doesn’t affect the review in any way. My opinions, are as always, my own.*

Beloved by millions the world over, Pride & Prejudice is delightfully transformed in this bold new manga adaptation. All of the joy, heartache, and romance of Jane Austen’s original, perfectly illuminated by the sumptuous art of manga-ka Po Tse, and faithfully adapted by Stacy E. King.


This might just be my favorite manga until today! The idea of turning a classic into a manga book is just magnificent! I am eager to read them all! And I would love so many more to be published!

I haven’t read the book Pride and Prejudice, but I did hear the audiobook, and although it’s not the same in terms of following the story so easily, I was able to see that the manga doesn’t follow entirely the book but the story maintains the structure. It turned out amazing in manga version!

This manga has an amazing art created by Po Tse. It has such a beautiful design! I loved how manga art and a classic story went so well together.

I normally read manga with a bit less detailed art so this one was admirable! I loved how Darcy was designed, as well as Elizabeth and Jane! All the backgrounds have infinite detail and it has a tidy bit of a more comic art in some characters emotions, which was very welcome.

This is a manga I will for sure buy and re-read a lot! Highly recommend it even if you haven’t read Pride and Prejudice, it’s still an amazing book!



Have you read any of the manga classics? What did you think? 

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