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Captura de ecrã 2016-11-20, às 18.00.07.pngHi guys!

I was tagged by Kourtni Reads to do The Literary Questions Tag! Thank you so much for tagging me!❤ Make sure you check out her tag here!

I think there’s no other rules to follow than answer the question and nominate some people, so let’s do this!

What’s The Most Beautiful Cover on Your Shelf?

Just the other day I was answering this question, and I couldn’t find just one to choose from. There are so many beautiful covers! So I will show you some of my favorites that I have facing me in my shelves!

If You Could Bring Any Fictional Character To Life, Who Would it Be?

This is difficult! I would love to meet and befriend so many. Especially Luna and Hermione (Harry Potter), Kaz and Inej (Six of Crows), Anna and Lola (Anna and the french Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door), Annabeth and Percy (Percy Jackson), and so on…. But yeah, especially the first two!

If You Could Interview an Author, Who Would You Choose?

Definitely Rick Riordan! I would love to meet him! But also Marisa Meyer, Stephanie Perkins, and so on…

What’s A Book You Would Not Read Again?

I guess people go mainly with school books and well, it’s easy to see why. And that’s what I will do too. Definitely, I will never read again Os Maias (PT) – Baltasar and Blimunda (EN). I just can’t even minimally like it!

Can You Name A Confusing Story?

I can’t really remember any right now… But some kids’ books sometimes confuse me, at least at my age now…

Favorite Fictional Couple?

Another difficult question. Percy and Annabeth, Kaz and Inej, Jesper and Wayne, Scarlet and Wolf, Anna and Etienne, … How am I going to choose one?

Two Favorite Villains?

I really like stories where the villain is sometimes also the hero, so, I always ask the same question… Does Snape count? Because he is for sure my favorite!

A Character You Would Kill, or Remove From a Book Entirely?

Cersei Lannister and Dolores Umbridge. I just hate them so much!

If You Could Live in a Fictional World, Where Would You Choose?

I would love to go to many fictional worlds but there is none I would like to go more than Hogwarts! It would be so perfect!

What are the Biggest and Smallest Books on Your Shelf?

The biggest is pretty much any of the books from the collection of A Song of Ice and Fire. The smallest would be A Christmas Carol or some kids book like Fortunately, the Milk.

This Tag was awesome! It has pretty (hard) good questions and I really enjoyed doing it! 

Again, thank you so much for tagging me Kourtni!

I nominate:


Book Dragon 1017

A Book Nerd 13

I Wuv Books

If you have done this already or if you’re not interested in it, feel free to skip! For the ones who do, hope you enjoy it!

8 thoughts on “The Literary Questions Tag

  1. I loved reading your answers! I totally agree that it’d be great to meet Luna and Hermione. Love those girls ❤ I love the Crooked Kingdom cover, too. I really need to read that series haha

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  2. Thanks for tagging me! It seems like a fun tag, although some questions are difficult to answer because there are too many choices. I agree with a lot of your answers!

    Liked by 1 person

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