Review: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens + movies



A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Series: Standalone

Publisher: Penguin Books

November 29th 2012

Genres: Classics, Fiction, Christmas, Holidays

Pages: 94

Format: Paperback

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

With A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens created a modern fairy tale and shaped our ideas of Christmas. The tale of the solitary miser Ebenezer Scrooge, who is taught the true meaning of the season by a series of ghostly visitors and given a second chance, was conjured up by Dickens during one of his London night walks, who “wept and laughed” as he composed it. Taken to readers’ hearts for its humour, compassion and message of redemption, it remains its best-loved book.


I  absolutely love this story! It was the first time I read the book but I saw the movie thousands of times. But I’m so happy I finally read it, it’s so tiny, it takes no time at all and it is totally worth it in my opinion.

The story is divided in 5 parts, 3 of them being the visits from the ghosts of Christmas, past, present and future. They bring the Christmas spirit back to Scrooge.

Ebenezer Scrooge is an awesome character. He is not a bad person. Just not a very social one. Not one that you can count on, but he doesn’t hurt no one. He is just grumpy and, according to the narrator, a cold-hearted, unholy and inconsiderate man.

But throughout the book he changes radically. He becomes a warm-hearted person, that loves Christmas and that loves to help others in need. And for some, he will become an important person in their lives.

The writing was not that easy. I started reading quite slow at first, because of the language, but after some pages, I didn’t notice it anymore and it makes it somehow special.  The book is simple, with a beautiful moral that you will never forget on Christmas time.


I saw both the old version and the newest one. And my favorite is for sure the old version.

Old version: The movie is beautiful! I love old movies in general and combining that with Christmas is even more special. The movie has quite strong emotions – made me cry like a baby. It’s sad but happy at the same time, and it’s just the perfect movie for Christmas!

New version: I like this version too but just a tiny bit less. I think it’s a bit less magical in animation, but still very interesting and enjoyable. It’s a movie that I saw many times and that I will see many times to come. But although the story line is pretty much the same, it’s a bit more simple and less emotional than the old version.

But for sure, either one of them are a must see on a Holiday night!



What’s your favorite version?

2 thoughts on “Review: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens + movies

  1. I love the Penguin Books editions – they always have such beautiful covers! 😉 Apart from that, it’s about time I get to read A Christmas Carol. But I have seen the film with Patrick Stewart several times, our teachers loved to show us that film every year before the Christmas holidays. 😀 So if I had to choose one film, it would be that one.


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