My January Book Haul


I normally don’t do much hauls but… I did get some cool stuff this month thanks to Christmas gift cards (YEY!) so I am excited to share them!

Here are the books I added to my shelves in January!

*a lot is missing in the photo because it takes time to ship the items…*

30253864  31574408  24763621  19174917  23664731.jpg  21551545.jpg   27276318.jpg          26805823.jpg


fe8954ccc8f8e540d569f8bf1e6fc5e5.jpg     833201683357_tai_xuong_1200x1200.jpg

So, as you can see I bought a total of 14 books this month, which is the biggest amount I ever achieved, not counting Christmas and Birthdays.

Some of the books were pre-orders and I still don’t have them. Also, the box set of The School for Good and Evil is still arriving in February. But I had to include them anyway because they were bought in January.

I definitely bought a lot of books I was dying to have, not that I need more but… I am so happy with them! I keep postponing buying them in case I have others more important to buy and this was just the perfect time. Plus, I was almost running out of contemporary books and in the middle of other genres, I always like to had one of those to not enter in a reading slump.

The only bookish thing I bought this month was a Funko pop! I pre-ordered Rory Gilmore and I have been drooling over her ever since (not in a creepy way…). Isn’t she super cute?!


What did you buy this month? Post a comment telling me or post a link to your blog for me to see your haul!


Hope you have a beautiful rest of the week!

4 thoughts on “My January Book Haul

  1. So many wonderful books on your list.I really liked It Ends with Us.I hope you will too.Have a great month.

    I haven’t bought any new books this year but I’ve got a huge number of NetGalley ARCs.

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    • Thank you!! I have some fromNetGalley to read this month too but I certainly have way too much at home >-< Until June I intend to read all I can from what I own and hopefully I won't buy more 😀 But some I just had to get I have been trying to get my hands in a Colleen Hoover book for way too much… I think I will love it! Have a great month!


    • My mortal instruments are a tidy bit different from these ones and I didn’t notice when I bought them… They are a bit shorter and the names don’t have the gold embroidery, it’s a black bar all over the collection. But oh well… They are still stunning! Ahh you have some I was going to buy in your book haul! 😀


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