My Loot Crate Dream Crate: Bookish Worlds and Sweet Geek

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We are all familiarized with subscription boxes, right? But, how difficult is it to choose only one? It’s impossible to be mesmerized by all the items in a box, sure you will like them but what if you could choose your own? Your own Dream Crate! 

You would be able to choose the perfect theme for you and each item that it would include!  Wouldn’t that be amazing?! Well now is your chance! 

Loot Crate has been reaching out to fans to share what their very own “Dream Crate” would be. Plus, there’s a chance that they will be selecting one lucky blogger’s crate theme, to make into a future month’s crate! How dreamy would that be?!

If you aren’t familiar, Loot Crate is a subscription box service which provides monthly boxes filled with 4-6 geek and gaming goods to your door! Each box has a theme and the items included are based on that. But that doesn’t limit your options, because as well as the original Loot Crate, they also have more specific subscriptions, such as Loot Anime, Loot Crate DX, Loot Pets, Loot Wear and Loot Gaming.

Loot Crate recently contacted me (IKR? Awesome! I couldn’t even believe it! *does awkward dance*) about participating in their Dream Crate project.

It was a bit of a challenge to choose a theme among so many different things I love so… I decided to do two different ones.

Hope you enjoy!

My first Dream Crate is called Bookish Worlds:

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Bookish Worlds gathers 5 items from 4 different fictional worlds (Since Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them are from the same world, but I still decided to put both, because I love the fact that they are pretty different).

1. Magnetic Bookmarks

I obviously love to read so I had to have some cute bookmarks included! These ones are from an easy shop called HappyHelloCo and they are available here. They represent the characters from the first 3 books of the series The Lunar Chronicles. For those who are not familiar with them, you can check my reviews here. I love this series and they have an amazing world building, plus these bookmarks are the cutest thing ever!

2. Harry Potter Artefact Box

PRP HP 7430b-Large.jpg

I love everything related to Harry Potter but when I saw this I though it was so cool! The set includes Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, Sirius Black Wanted Poster,  Order of the Phoenix Lenticular Photo, Dumbledore’s army Signature List, and a lot more. You can see all the items here. Harry Potter’s world is one of my favorites and this has so many collectable goodies… I Need this in my life!

3. Six of Crows Poster

This poster is so incredible beautiful! I loved the Six of Crows duology (link to my reviews here). The world, the characters, … Everything is so amazing! So I debated in between some items from this world and ended up picking this one! Plus, on the other side, it has a map of the city. How perfect is that for my dream crate?! You can read everything about it here.

4. Newt Scamander Vinyl Figure by Funk Pop!

I read the screenplay and saw the movie (review here) in December and I loved it! And he is so adorable as a Funko! I know that technically it’s the same world as Harry Potter and it still felt very different due to being in a different time and country. Plus, to me, it wouldn’t feel like a dream subscription box without a cute figure of some sort… I found it here if you guys are interested.

5. TO WHATEVER END | Throne of Glass Scented Soy Candle

Last but not least… I couldn’t help myself and had to include a bookish candle! This one is from one of my favorite shops – lumierecandleshop. It has a beautiful design and it smells of lemon verbena, pine, and a touch of sweetness (cake). It couldn’t be less perfect for me! You can read more about it here. They have tones of angles but this one is just amazing!

And that’s it for my first Dream Crate! It’s bookish – which is a thing I appreciate – without being a book box. I had a lot of fun choosing the items and hope you guys like it!

What’s your favorite item from here? What would you change?

My second Dream Crate is called Sweet Geek:

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As you can tell by the name it’s a bit more on the girly side. A side that many of you may not know since I don’t really show it much on my blog apart from pops of color here and there. But not only shows my personality very well, it’s also very nostalgic, so obviously very special. This box contains 6 kawaii items that are incredibly cute and I couldn’t (wouldn’t *wink*) possibly resist!

1. Tony Moly Pokemon hand cream – 8 choices

For those who don’t know the brand, Tony Moly is a very cute Korean brand of cosmetics. They have amazing packaging and the products are actually really good. I have both makeup and skincare products and I love them. Plus the Pokemon line is just to die for! You can check them out here. Also, each hand cream has a different smell that you can check out here.

2. Donutella and her Sweet Friends Blind Box Mini Figures


I absolutely love blind boxes! Especially by Tokidoki. I think they have the cutest characters and this particular collection is so adorable! They all have candies all around the so no matter what character the box has, it can’t go wrong! I never owned anything by the brand, since it’s extremely difficult to get to my country (for a normal prince impossible). So that’s one more reason to be on my dream crate! Check it out here.

3. Amuse Rainbow Alpacasso Reel Pouch


Isn’t it adorable?! And practical! It seemed just a chain right? But as you can see it’s a pouch to get your bag more organized and kawaii! You can check it out here, they have a lot more cool stuff in their website but this is my absolute favorite!

4. Sailor Moon & Luna Vinyl Figure by Funk Pop!

I couldn’t help myself and had to include a Funko. This time I am choosing Sailor Moon and she comes with Luna! It’s beyond adorable… I just need it. I found it here, if you guys are interested in checking it out! This was my most seen anime of all time and I still love it and even own some of the manga! I still remember singing the PT intro all around. Good times.

5. Super Soft Squishy Macaron Chain

This was not supposed to be here but… I just had to! I love squishies, they are just so irresistible. And this one is a super soft version that can be easily carried around in a purse! It’s a tiny pink macaroon, because why not?! There were many I loved but this one is just practical, simple and well, perfect. You can check out tones of theme at this website.

6. Kiki’s Delivery Service Watercolor

This is freaking beautiful!! I found it at Redouble and it’s a small poster that you can easily put anywhere you like. It has an amazing color scheme and the movie is super cute (If you haven’t seen it you have to check it out!). Plus, as you can see in my blog I love watercolor themed things…

And that’s it for my second Dream Crate! I absolutely love it and I had a lot of fun choosing the items for this one too and hope you guys like it!

What’s your favorite item from here? What would you change?

It was incredibly hard to narrow down my picks for my dream Loot Crate (but that goes without saying, since I had to do two…lol) but I think I managed to show a wide variety of my interests and I am very happy with the result!

What would you put in your dream subscription box?

Share your picks in the comments or a link to your post!

10 thoughts on “My Loot Crate Dream Crate: Bookish Worlds and Sweet Geek

  1. Oooh, both of your boxes were really cool! I loved the inclusion of the SOC poster and the TLC bookmarks. I would definitely geek out if I got those in a box! Great picks, and such a fun post! 🙂

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