Review: Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton



Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Series: Rebel of the Sands #1

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Published February 4th 2016

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult

Pages: 358

Format: paperback

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

“Tell me that and we’ll go. Right now. Save ourselves and leave this place to burn. Tell me that’s how you want your story to go and we’ll write it straight across the sand.”

Dustwalk is an unforgiving, dead-end town. It’s not the place to be poor or orphaned or female. And yet Amani Al’Hiza must call it ‘home’.

Amani wants to escape and see the world she’s heard about in campfire stories.

Then a foreigner with no name turns up, and with him she has the chance to run.

But the desert plains are full of dangerous magic. The Sultan’s army is on the rise and Amani is soon caught at the heart of a fearless rebellion…

An epic story of swirling desert sands, love, magic and revolution.


Amani is a young girl gunslinger. She lives in this small town called Dustwalk.

The life of girls was never easy in this world, but after finding herself orphaned, with only the desires of a better life from the stories her mom told her, she decides to leave her awful uncle and aunts behind.

One day, she finds her opportunity to escape with the help of a mysterious foreigner. But her life doesn’t turn easier. Because in the desert everything can happen. At night, ancient creatures roam these sands along with mortals. And no weakness lives in the desert.


I’ve had this book since last summer and only now I got to it. I have no idea why… Because it’s freaking awesome! And look at that cover! It’s gorgeous.

I really enjoyed this book. It was amazing! I found the world incredibly fascinating, full of fairy tales in a modern age. We have guns and soldiers on one side; we have magic and legendary creatures on the other… It’s kind of a mix between western and arabic. It’s simply unique and beautiful!

I absolutely loved the world and all the magic in it! To read about the so feared Djinn and their love stories with maidens – where their daughters and sons would turn half-humans (Demdji,) with magical powers feared by everyone – was amazing. I also found that the fact that they have a weakness – and that is obviously iron – was very interesting. The world is balanced just right!

The politics in the world are very interesting. Can’t really tell much yet about it other than it seems promising. I still don’t really know if the Sultan is that bad or only the idiots working for him. Let’s see…

I loved the characters incredibly much. Amani is a badass girl with her pistols and she is always challenging the world to pursue her dream. But although she is incredibly brave, she is also a sweet person.

Then we have Jin. I LOVE HIM. Definitely boyfriend material! He is the foreigner Amani goes with (It sounds more romantic than it was…) . At first they only have that in common. Their are both trying to escape. But as time passes their relationship grows. And a thing I loved about him is that he deposited trust in her bit by bit without her even realizing. I love that their relationship is quite fiery and not at all instantaneous.

But after Amani discovered she is all powerful, she started to change. I was already expecting her to have some kind of power, but I was hoping it was something else. Something that would still maintain her as she was. (Why do I feel this always happens?! She kinda reminds me of Katniss as a person… Even with different circumstances, they got blind by trying to do such good deeds, that the character they once were disappears) And with her, he changes too. Although I wasn’t much a fan for their late developments… I still hope they pull themselves together as they were and don’t get too swoon-y.

The writing is nice and enjoyable. A very easy and fast book to read. And it definitely got me hooked. I loved meeting the characters and all the magic in the world intrigued me.

I am most excited for the next book (that has an equally beautiful cover!) and to see where all this leads. And I definitely need to read more about Jin!

Best quotes:

“You know, I never believed in fate until I met you… then I started thinking coincidence didn’t have near so cruel a sense of humor”

“The world makes things for each place. Fish for the sea, Rocs for the mountain skies, and girls with sun in their skin and perfect aim for a desert that doesn’t let weakness live.”

“Jin had told me once there was no arguing against belief. It was a foreign language to logic.”



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5 thoughts on “Review: Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

    • Awesome! It took me some time to pick it up too… But I really ended up liking it! The best thing in this book is the world, because it’s pretty unique and so are the characters. Hope you enjoy it too!! 😀


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