Review: Things We Have in Common by Tasha Kavanagh (spoiler free)



Things We Have in Common by Tasha Kavanagh

Series: standalone

Publisher: MIRA

First published May 7th, 2015

Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult, Mystery, Fiction, Thriller

Pages: 301

Format: Ebook

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

* Received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you very much! This doesn’t affect the review in any way. My opinions are as always, my own.*

Yasmin would give anything to have a friend… And do anything to keep them.

The first time I saw you, you were standing at the far end of the playing field. You were looking down at your brown straggly dog, your mouth going slack as your eyes clocked her. Alice Taylor.

I was no different. I’d catch myself gazing at the back of her head in class, at her thick fair hair swaying between her shoulder blades.

If you’d glanced just once across the field, you’d have seen me standing in the middle on my own looking straight at you, and you’d have gone back through the trees to the path quick, tugging your dog after you. You’d have known you’d given yourself away, even if only to me.

But you didn’t. You only had eyes for Alice.



This was completely mind blowing! You know what? Forget this review, forget everything you are doing or going to do and just go get this book now. I promise you, you never saw anything like this before!

I just ended the book and my heart is racing. You know when you feel so accelerated, that you think you might be trembling, but you look at your hands and you’re not? That’s how I am now. I freaking love this book so much! It was thrilling, odd and sad. And definitely mindfucking.

Our principal character Yazmin (Yaz) didn’t have an easy life. She doesn’t have any friends, endures bullying because of her size, and since her father died she lives with her mom and her stepdad, whom she isn’t a fan of. As an escape from her life, she obsessively watches her classmate Alice. And not being enough, she has some bits and bobs that belong to her.

Because she pays so much attention to Alice, she ends up seeing something else no one sees. She sees a man observing Alice and right away she knows, the way he is looking at her is not normal. She “knows” that he desires her and that he will take her away. But she doesn’t really know if that is real or her imagination and neither do we… Instead of worrying, she fantasizes about it. How she will be the one saving Alice’s life and how Alice will recognize that she is in love with her. So she becomes obsessive with the man.

After some time, that actually happens and Yaz doesn’t know what to do. Should she tell? Would anyone even believe her or would they again say, she is a freak? You start asking yourself if what’s happening is actually real or if it is just Yaz’s imagination. Because you just can’t rely on her words.

This is the type of book that will keep you guessing and that will keep your grip throughout the pages. It’s clear that Yaz is not a normal person. In my opinion, it’s because of all she has been through and what we see is the results of it. But although you see what she has to endure every day, she also makes a lot of poor choices in her life. She is a very weird and interesting character.

But the best part of this book for me was the end. That end is completely different from all the books I’ve read until today. It was shocking and just amazing. Probably the end is not for everybody, but I was definitely amazed.

This book is incredibly unique and I absolutely loved it. It’s sad and thrilling and it will make you read non-stop. I absolutely loved it and I would definitely recommend it!



Have you recently read any book that blew up your mind? Which one?


10 thoughts on “Review: Things We Have in Common by Tasha Kavanagh (spoiler free)

  1. I need to read this book. I can tell just how much you liked it and that makes me really curious about it and I do love a book with unreliable narrators and a good ending. Let me try and get this one ASAP. Brilliant review!

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