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First of all, thank you Nadwa @ Painfullyfictional for nominating me! And sorry that it took so long to post this. Also, make sure you guys go check her blog because it’s the sweetest thing I have ever seen! I absolutely love it and I am sure YOU will too! And also check out her answers to the award here!

Also, I was more recently nominated by Kester @ LILbooklovers so thank you so much! And sorry, I didn’t see it! Also, I normally write them down, but I guess I didn’t remember this time… Their blog has not only reviews but also a lot of cool interviews! So make sure you guys go check that out and their post to the award here!

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write then 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


Nadwa’s Questions:

Most owned author?

Definitely Rick Riordan with 15 books. Followed by Cassandra Clare with 11.

If you re-read books what book is your most read? If you don’t re-read books what book would you want to re-read if you could?

I do enjoy re-reading and I tend to re-read mainly fluffy books and manga. Only getting to other genres, when I do remember the story so well. That I remember of, the books I re-read the most until today was The Selection and from the manga – Fruits Basket and Dramacon.

What book would you recommend to your younger self?


I would have loved to have had the chance to read A Series of Unfortunate Events! 

Favorite animation movie?

From the most recent ones Inside Out and Zootopia! Old one’s Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.

Your most anticipated book release this year?

Check it out here. I made a list in the beginning of the year but after that I already encountered many more that I am excited about… But those were my most wanted ones! (When I did this award I hadn’t read any of them yet)

Favorite book format? (ebooks, paperback, hardcovers, audiobooks)

Paperbacks and ebooks! I love a good hardback in my bookshelf but to read I find them a bit too heavy.. And audiobooks are not very effective because I distract very easily… So paperbacks are my go-to. But since I got a kindle I only carry that one around.

What is your favorite TV show?

That’s a hard one! Let’s go my Top 3, shall we? Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Gilmore Girls. But I also really enjoy PLL, VP, GoT and How I Met Your Mother.

And the newest one I’ve been watching is Jane the Virgin and it’s hilarious!

Your favorite ship/OTP?

I answered this not that long ago and I just can’t pick one… But I will always love Kaz and Inej, Scarlet and Wolf and Anna and Etienne, …

What do you usually do if you’re not reading?

I blog and I do school work mainly taking photos and drawing. At night I see some episodes on whatever series I am cw and on Fridays sometimes I go out.

2017 reading goal?

I have a post on it here. But basically, it’s to read at least 65 books this year, being 24 of them bought before 2017.

Also, do the New Adult Reading Challenge Bingo, give priority to unfinished series and read more diversely.


Kester’s Questions:

What is one book that made you cry?


I’m a cry baby so it’s not that difficult… But this one caught me big time!

If you could travel one place in the entire world and all your expenses were paid, where would you go?

Difficult question… I would love to go to many places obviously… But I think first I would love to go to Japan… It’s just so freaking amazing!

Where is your favorite place to read? Like in front of a fireplace, outside on the grass, on your bed in a blanket… what?

On my bed, with three pillows and a blanket!

Which TV show would you choose to binge watch?

I’m not sure… But maybe Doctor Who (?) I’ve heard it’s great… But I never really even tried it.

Would you rather meet your favorite author but you cannot say a single word, or would you have a signed copy of your favorite book made personally to you but every 10th page is missing?

I think I would rather meet my favorite author and not being bale to talk… I could write, no? 😛 Just because missing pages in a book that is signed would be torture for me…

What is your top reading strategy to maximize how many books you will read in a year?

I go day by day… I always try to read at least 100 pages per day while I have school and work. And in the summer I read that plus what I feel like! I try not to push too hard because I get easily stressed.

What is the talent or achievement that you are most proud of?

I have no idea… But I think that it’s quite an achievement to be able to talk and write the basics of the language of the country I’m living in now.

What is your favorite movie adaptation of a book, and why?

Harry Potter, I guess. Although I’ve only read the first ones. I absolutely love both books and movies pretty much equally. Which is a bit rare.

If you were going to recommend me one book, which one would it be, and why?


Not to go with one that is overly hyped… This one is fantastic and it should be more known!

Which fictional character would you go out on a date with, and do you think it would work out?

Hmm… Aeduan? He seems so interesting and badass… It wouldn’t work tho. I would be very self-conscious about feeling anything, with him noticing my blood. Too awkward for me… But I would still love to try it out!

What kind of book swag (e.g. buttons, bookmarks, postcards, bookplates, wristbands, etc.) is your favorite?

Bookmarks! I tend to collect them. But I also love fan-made posters, candles or draws.


I nominate

  1. Inkyspells
  2. Royalreader
  3. Matxireadsbooks
  4. Fabwritings
  5. Bettybookreviews
  6. Fictionophile
  7. Bookpandamonium
  8. Swordsandspectres
  9. Thoughtsonfantasy
  10. Susanlovesbooks
  11. Prettypurplepolkadots

I tried to check, but if you have it done already, feel free to skip it!

My Questions:

  1. What is your favorite and least favorite genre?
  2. What was your first favorite book?
  3. How many books do you read in a month? (+/-)
  4.  Any book/s that made you scared?
  5. Do you use bookmarks? If so, how many do you own?
  6. Which book was ruined by its movie adaptation?
  7. What book/s can you not live without?
  8. What is your favorite book you had to read in school?
  9. Which book do you wish had a sequel?
  10. Where is your favorite place to read?
  11. Have you ever experiences a reading slump? If so, for how long and why?


Hope you enjoyed it!


17 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

    • You’re welcome 🙂 Ikr? I don’t have any space left in my bookshelf but I just had to move some stuff to have that one facing me . Ah… I love it and I though it was a standalone but I heard some days ago that it will have a sequel in 2018. Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks for nominating me! 😀 We have very similar tastes lol. I love Fruits Basket – I was so obsessed with it when I was younger. (It was my dream to get an orange cat when I became an adult) And Jane the Virgin is soooo good! I would say you should definitely watch Doctor Who, it has some great seasons but I stopped watching it around the 8th season so honestly idk how it is now.


  2. Thank you for nominating me! I really wish I’d read A Series of Unfortunate Events when I was younger too! My brother was really into it, but i just never picked them up for some reason.

    I recently started watching Jane the Virgin too and it’s amazing! I can’t believe it took me so long to start it haha!

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  3. I just saw this, but thanks for doing the tag! Your answers are great! I love bookmarks, too, especially those with either a fabulous design, signed by one of my favorite authors, or with a great quote. And I’ve heard a lot of great things about The Bear and the Nightingale! I might need to pick that one up! 🙂

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