Review: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare



City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Series: The Mortal Instruments #1

Publisher: Walker

First published March 27th 2007

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Pages: 510

Format: paperback

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder― much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. Then the body disappears into thin air. It’s hard to call the police when the murderers are invisible to everyone else and when there is nothing―not even a smear of blood―to show that a boy has died. Or was he a boy?

This is Clary’s first meeting with the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. It’s also her first encounter with Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk. Within twenty-four hours Clary is pulled into Jace’s world with a vengeance, when her mother disappears and Clary herself is attacked by a demon. But why would demons be interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother? And how did Clary suddenly get the Sight? The Shadowhunters would like to know…

Exotic and gritty, exhilarating and utterly gripping, Cassandra Clare’s ferociously entertaining fantasy takes readers on a wild ride that they will never want to end.


I finally did it guys! I read the first book in The Mortal Instruments series! I’ve been wanting to read for quite some time now and to be honest I was a bit afraid that I wasn’t going to like it. I thought it would be a bit too young for me, and that although I thought I would have loved it when I was a teenager, I wasn’t going to enjoy it now. But I’m so happy that I was wrong! I actually really liked this book.

City of Bones was amazing! I definitely get the hype. It has pretty good characters, some of them even memorable *Jace*. It has a plot full of interesting twists and a lot of action. I did like the writing and it has a hell of a lot of imagination. And to top it off, it has a snarky type of humor.

But the best thing about this book is that it’s so damn believable! I loved the world building. It talks about a side of the world that is invisible to mundanes (meaning us, people without any powers *sigh*). That “world” belongs to the shadowhunters and to the downworlders. I also loved how complex everything was. Both the world and the characters.

I heard that The Mortal Instruments was a fanfiction ¨¨¨´Harry Potter, and I can see some resemblances, but overall it’s very different, which I loved. This book is kind of a mix between HP, Supernatural, Twilight and so on. But with a nice new storyline. And it worked pretty well, I must say.

The characters are very interesting and for a first book, I ended up getting bit attached to some of them already, and hating others, which is not very common for me. The characters are very well drawn, not only the important ones, or the good ones, but the villains and the somehow minor characters. Everyone has a bit of a background, some more than others but I loved that the author was careful with that. Jace and Clary are the ones that are most present in the book.

Jace is the best character ever. I just love his sense of humor! He is kinda badass which makes him pretty sexy and entertaining. But he is also very trustworthy and damaged. Ah, I adore him! And hopefully that will still be true in the next books. *crosses fingers*

Clary tho… I’m not sure yet. I like her spirit and how she wants to save her mother. I like how she doesn’t really care about others’ opinions. But it wasn’t that easy to connect with her in a long part of the book.

Trying not to stop an overload of talking, I will just mention that I really enjoyed reading about Luke and Simon, they seem like pretty cool characters and very different from our principal ones.

Also this book is the most weird thing I’ve ever seen in terms of love interests. Everyone is completely blind, really. But I can’t say it didn’t give some funny moments!

As I said, I did like the writing. It described the world perfectly, I was able to see it so clearly! I loved it! Sometimes it might have been slightly too much, but I didn’t really mind, because the pace in the book was great and it was pretty easy and fast to read. I did feel it was a bit too much tho. It’s the type of book that whenever everything seems finally fine, something even worse happens, and it becomes piling action. I don’t know how that will go until the end of the series. I’m a bit worried…

But overall I really enjoyed this book and I’m very excited to be continuing with the series! I would recommend it if you like a more young type of reading with a lot of action and supernatural stuff (but not scary), but I don’t think I need to, because apparently everyone has read this already.


I actually really enjoyed this movie! I was a bit afraid because I saw a lot of mixed opinions… But it was actually pretty good. You can see more resemblances in the movie to Harry Potter than in the book but it doesn’t make it bad at all. If you saw the movie I am sure you made the connection in certain parts, so the only thing I will say is *door* not to spoil anything.

I really enjoyed the characters and the graphics in the movie. It was quite long but it was interesting to watch. It follows pretty well the book, and the changes that it has are good ones, which is quite rare nowadays. The only thing I have to say that I though that was very different was Clary’s attitude. She was way more heroic than in the book. But it worked well in the movie, since there’s no sequel.

Plus Jace and Clary looked amazing! I would definitely watch it again someday!



What’s your favorite part in this first book? Why?

17 thoughts on “Review: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

  1. I’m glad you liked City of Bones! I liked it too. ^ ^ I have a question for you.

    My name is Victoria Grace Howell. I blog at Wanderer’s Pen ( I’m currently running a big series where I interview people from around the world to promote international diversity, break stereotypes, and make a crash course for writers. I’ve interviewed people from over 30 countries so far. I noticed you’re from Portugal, and I’d love to have you on the project. I’ll also promote your blog in the post. How it works is I send you a document with questions and then you send it back with your answers. You can check out one of the latest posts in the series so you’ll get an idea of what yours would look like: Would you be interested in this?

    Thanks so much for your time!

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  2. I DNFd the book because I was so annoyed at Clary’s drama-queen attitude. I was so excited about reading the book, and I’m still planning to pull off finishing it at some point but I just need to know if you think that it’s worth it..? I want to like it so bad 😂


    • I love supernatural stuff so I kind of really want to read them all 😛 Clary is definitely not in my most liked characters… I don’t like her attitude in the first book or in the second really (for some reason girls and drama are always connected in this type of books). She has some good traits too but not enough for me to connect with her yet (hopefully it gets better).
      In my opinion the second book is not that great, I ended up giving it a bit less rating. But some parts are way more exciting than in the first one.
      I do like Jace in both books tho. I always like damaged characters 😛 And I love darkish humor. Some characters are worth reading about. Alec and Magnus and also Luke, are pretty cool characters!
      I find it really entertaining… And I really really like the world! 🙂

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  3. I miss the Mortal Instruments series! I read all of them back in high school a few years back! They were my favorite books! I loved Jace throughout the series. Clary had to grow on me. She had spirit, yes, but she was also a bit over-dramatic and useless at times. She does grow into her own later on though. I hope you enjoy the rest of the books. Can’t wait to see what you think of them! 😀

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    • I am loving Jace so far! 😀 He has such a cool humor!
      Totally agree! Clary is really difficult to connect for me too… I didn’t really enjoy her much in either first or second book… Hopefully I will like her more afterwords! 😀
      I hope so too! I’m really excited to see where the story is going and I love to be in this world! It’s one of those worlds that I would just love to be part of…

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      • He really does. Clare really knows how to create a lovable male character! Her female protagonists need a little work though (I’m referring mostly to Clary, tbh haha). But I’m sure you’l like her by the third or fourth book at least!
        It’s definitely one of my favorite worlds too. I’m so glad I got to return to that world with Lady Midnight 😀

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  4. […] City of Bones – So.. I was kinda late to the party when I finally read this, and I didn’t love it as much as I hoped I would have… I did for sure like them, and I absolutely love the world, but the characters felt a bit too young for me and after the third book I stopped. But they are slowly growing on me and I  do intend to end the series since everyone says they get better. Let’s see! I’m still hoping I love them… […]


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