Orange – The Complete Collection, Vol. 1 by Ichigo Takano



Orange: The Complete Collection, Vol. 1 by Ichigo Takano

Series: Orange #1, #2 and #3

Publisher: Seven Seas

Published January 26th, 2016

Genres: YA, Manga, Romance, Time Travel

Pages: 384

Format: Paperback

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

A Plea From the Future

On the day that Naho begins 11th grade, she receives a letter from herself ten years in the future. At first, she writes it off as a prank, but as the letter’s predictions come true one by one, Naho realizes that the letter might be the real deal. Her future self tells Naho that a new transfer student, a boy named Kakeru, will soon join her class. The letter begs Naho to watch over him, saying that only Naho can save Kakeru from a terrible future. Who is this mystery boy, and can Naho save him from his destiny? This is the heart-wrenching sci-fi romance that has over million copies in print in Japan!

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I wanted to read this Manga so bad and I finally got to it! I loved the synopsis and especially the art and I just needed to actually buy it. I normally read some online, but the ones I’m sure of loving or that I tried and loved, I usually tend to buy them and re-read them a lot, and I just knew this was going to be perfect for me!


Book 1

This manga is incredible! Since the first pages, I loved the art in this series. It’s so simple and clean and yet so cute! I loved how the emotions were expressed, which is one of the things I most look for in a manga!

I read the synopsis some time ago and I knew it had something to do with time travel, and letters wrote to a past self. But I had no idea how they were going to play in the story… I think the author made an incredible job including them and also showing the future in some parts.

The story is basically about friendship and the whole point of the book is trying to change the future from happening. This book starts with Naho receiving a letter from herself in the future, saying all the regrets she has and asking her to change them. But it’s not that easy for Naho to do that. But she tries in order to save her friend Kakeru from what will happen in the future.

The characters are incredibly cute and you can deeply see their friendship *GOALS*. I loved each and every character and how different they all were from each other and yet how close they were. I especially love Naho and how sensible and sweet she is! She is the cutest character ever! I also really liked Suwa and of course Kakeru… How could I not?! He is so sweet and the all story just made me want to cuddle him and make him happy too!

Are this type of friends even real anymore?! I want a group of friends just like this one!

This book made me cry so much at the end and yet I just want to read it all over again, and again! I’m so happy I started this series! I definitely recommend starting it!!! Just go read it, really! If you love manga like I do, and especially shoujo, just go!

Book 2

Every day after I read the first book I had the urge to get to this one! I managed a few days but I had to give up. I love this so much!

Just like the first book, this one was amazing! It was pretty thrilling to follow Naho around, trying to save Kakeru, even tho, she is afraid of hurting herself. But for a change, she has decided to do everything she can, even if it is difficult for her.

In book 2, we can see even more of their friendship. We can see how important they are to each other, and how much they protect and care. In this book I especially loved Suwa! I loved to see how his friendship can be more important than anything else.

I also really liked the girl’s friendship. They are extremely cute and they reminded me of Fruits Basket, which is my ultimate favorite manga! I would say that Takako reminds me of Hanajima and of course Naho of Tohru! Azusa and Arisa are a bit different tho.

This book also had more girl drama, which was pretty entertaining and actually realistic.

But the best thing about this manga was the end! THAT ENDING! I was so not expecting, although I should have thought of it before(?)… Ah! It was amazing! I can’t wait to read the next book!

Book 3

This one didn’t have has much happening has the previous books and I enjoyed it a tiny bit less. But we did get some awesome things happening anyway (that I both hoping and expecting).

I took some time from the previous book until I read this one, but I still remembered what happened and I love this story with all my heart! I love the characters and the idea and obviously the art!

However, the main character in this book made me a bit annoyed. She is incredibly cute and it’s very common in a manga for girls sometimes to be… how do I say? Alien to what’s happening in front of them. And that’s totally the case here. But I think they might have made it to obvious in this book, and I wasn’t a fan of that!

Other than that I loved all the friendship and determination of the characters. I loved how the story is progressing and I can’t wait to see how the end will be!


Overall I would recommend this manga to everyone that loves cute love and friendship manga stories. I, myself am a fan of shoujo so for me it was amazing. But I believe that some things might not be for everybody… So fans of shoujo, this is for you guys!

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What’s your favorite manga book?

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