Special Birthday Blog Post

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Hey guys and welcome to my Birthday Blog Post Special! I was tagged by @Thebooknerddragon so, thank you so much Jannin! I waited for my birthday to do this post, so it took me some time… Sorry! But I am finally doing it! Also, make sure you check her post here!

So this post is basically a rundown of my reading life. I will follow the same lines as Jannin, but with one difference. I will not put ages because it will only confuse me, but other than that it will be the same.

I will try not to enter into much detail about my life to not bore you all so this will be the shorter I can make it!

SO, let’s get started!

Before and Beginning of Elementary School

Since I can remember I always loved reading. I used to go to the supermarket with my mom and while she bought us food, I stayed at the book isle. I used to go there and “read” before I knew how to read, I saw the images but after I learned I loved especially Roald Dahl books. But I still own two more that I absolutely loved. These are the main books I adored, although the ones I own are in Portuguese.

803273  838892  109077

images  500x

Elementary School

In 5th and 6th grade I was 100% obsessed with reading the Graphic Novels of W.I.T.C.H. I started as soon as they came out in Portugal and I bought one I think it was weekly but I’m not sure anymore. I never ended them but I loved it and until people started making fun of it, I read them. After that, I got rid of them, and nowadays I really regret it! So I acquired some of them this year just to have a bit of my childhood back. And I even read a couple of them and I still really love it!


Upper School

I was always a very shy person, but I started to be even more in Upper School. These were probably my worst years in school. I absolutely hated it! For reasons I will not share, I had a rough time and that also contributed to me, not to have many friends, or rather, none true ones. So, every time I could dodge people, I used to be in the library reading books and that’s when I got into reading a bit bigger book. But my long-term memory is rather bad so I might be mistaken.

I read some before but I didn’t find it as pleasant as now. But my favorite ones were for sure “Uma Aventura” that translates to “One Adventure”. It’s a big series passed in Portugal, and it’s not only funny but you can learn a lot! I read almost all of them till 8th grade at my school library and I never owned any but I was hooked!

quero mutio.jpg

*this photo was taken from the internet*

In 9th grade, I changed school and I can’t really remember much of that year and I don’t think I read much anyway.

High School

In this year I got a group of friends that liked the same kind of stuff as me. They didn’t really read novels but they loved to read manga and so I started reading too. And this was the year I started getting more into reading English books. I still read Portuguese ones but I started getting more confident and comfortable with English, which I thought I wasn’t that good at. I loved manga tho, and one of my favorites and the first one I read was Fruits Basket!

271199  553678  9750705

In 10th and 11th grade I read mainly manga but also a couple of novels. In 12th grade, I changed school again because they didn’t have one of the things I wanted to learn there and although I changed with one of my friends, I stopped reading as much manga and started reading more novels like Hunger Games, Divergent, … I already was comfortable reading in English, but it was easier to find in my own language. I absolutely loved dystopian in this time!

2767052  13335037


When I entered college I had a lot going on and the first part of the year I read a bit less but once I started organizing myself I started reading more and more, other than the ones that we were supposed too, but still mainly in Portuguese. I couldn’t buy as easily in English and the Portuguese ones are quite expensive so although I read regularly it wasn’t anything like now…

Moving Country

When I moved to Finland after college, to live with my boyfriend, I didn’t have any other option than start reading in English since I didn’t understand Finnish enough to read a book. And that’s also when I realized how much affordable the books are in English! I started knowing more books and more authors and reading more every time. I also got a job while studying, which means I got more books!


I am officially 23 years old today and I have been reading more than ever for the past two years.

As you can see I’ve always loved reading but I didn’t read as much as now and sometimes I stopped for a while. But in bookish terms, I couldn’t have been happier than now! Also, make sure you check out my book haul day 23! Because it’s going to be massive and it clearly shows my present self very well!

Here’s a sneak peak!


I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s a bit more personal and once in a while, I think it’s interesting to have something like this. I would love to read yours if you have done one already. If you haven’t make sure you do and put the link in the comments for me to check it out, I would love to know more about you guys! Have fun!

How was your bookish life? Anything like mine?

28 thoughts on “Special Birthday Blog Post

  1. Omigosh, I love your cat’s look on its face. He’s just like…but there is no open box to jump into. D: I can’t wait to see the haul. And happppppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy birthday, Joana!! I hope you have such an amazing day filled with everything you love and good reading! Also, omg, I remember WITCH. That series was amazing. I totally feel the need now to go back and read them all. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! 😍😍 IKR?! He never lets me open packages in peace 😛 But at least it feels like a party for him too ^^ Although I already have 4 boxes of different sizes all around the house >.<
      Woooow!! I never knew anyone that read WITCH before YEY! 😍 I LOVED it SO much!! I gave them away long ago but I miss having them >.< I just read 3 online and it’s still cute! xD


  2. Happy Birthday! Gosh, I’m so jelly just from looking at your book haul and your cute neko. ❤ I got into reading when I was in elementary school and I was really into rainbow magic books then. My school teacher started making fun of my choice of books since she said that rainbow magic books are for kids. Being a simple-minded child then, I stopped reading them and decided to pick up more advanced books like nancy drew. Then I slowly progressed to ya books which I have stuck to till now. I regret putting down rainbow magic books. Sometimes, we shouldn’t let others influence us and instead, make our own decisions. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • hahaa Thank you!! 😍 I agree 100%! My cousin looooved rainbow magic books! I saw them already too late to get into it… but she has a bunch of them and she never gave any away, which I think it’s amazing because I got read of a lot of things that I loved because people would make fun of me… One of them was my almost complete collection of graphic novels of WITCH, and I regret it till today… It’s sad that this type of things happen…
      I don’t know if something would have changed if that time would have been different, but at least I got to where I am and for that I’m happy!

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s okay. At least you embrace what you love and stand up against those that make fun of you. It’s okay to like other categories of books. That makes us unique and different. 🙂 I don’t think I will ever stop reading ya books even when I’m older. I love ya too much and I’m not going to get anyone stop me from reading what I love. I’m glad that you got to where you want to go. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANA!! Great post! Oooh I remember WITCH! I never read the graphic novels but I loved watching it on TV when I was small! That brought back pleasant memories. You got so many books! I hope you have a wonderful birthday 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! 😀 😀 OMG!! I didn’t know WITCH was so popular! I could never find anyone to share it with, and a lot of people made fun of it at my school –‘ I watched some episodes too, but not as much tho… I still rememeber the intro music 😍

      Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t know either! I watched it with my sister when I was small but I was more obsessed with it than her. Ugh I had that problem with other cartoons that nobody liked besides me or cartoons that were too boyish for my friends that I had to stop watching. Ah I don’t Denver the intro music I’ll listen to it now. OMG I remember it now 😅. My favourite was Hay Lin.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I kinda lived in a cartoon land 😛 I still love them, although I don’t really see any now, they feel very slow x) So I kinda substituted it for anime!
          My favorite was Irma 😛 I guess I identified myself a bit with her back then… I was a very complain-y person hahah


  4. I am 8 days (probably more depending on when you’ve read this comment) but still, happy birthday Joana!!! I can’t believe I’m missing on so many blog posts from you and from everyone else I follow! I hate it that we still don’t have internet connection. irritated squeal

    I like the story of your reading life and the books you’ve read when you were young! And I haven’t read the W.I.T.C.H and I didn’t even know they were from books. Lol! XD Also, if you’re a manga reader once, have you become an anime fan too? Like do you watch anime during that time you like reading manga?

    Liked by 1 person

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