Huge Birthday Book Haul 2017


Hey guys! Welcome to my most excited birthday haul! ❤

Some days ago was my birthday and I got loads of books from family and friends. I am so freaking happy!! I got SO MANY Books! Like, WTH?! They are everything I could wish for!

So, here is my huge birthday book haul organized by genre, including some pre-orders, that I obviously don’t have yet, but bought with birthday money! ^^ Hope you guys enjoy!




9781408856772_309274.png9781408883747   22055262.jpg  34001683.jpg  25526296.jpg  9781250063151.jpg  9781101885956.jpg  31450908.jpg  22817331  34443972.jpg

  • Harry Potter Box Set – I have been wanting these books for so long! I never read them all, and what I read was in PT. I was indecisive between the new edition with Hogwarts or this one, but the price is quite different and these ones are so gorgeous and colorful!
  • Every Heart a Doorway – Everyone talks about this book, saying how good and short it is and until now I wasn’t really thinking of getting it because they only sell hardcover, but I got it and I couldn’t be more excited!!
  • The Bear and the Nightingale – This is a favorite of mine, and I read an ARC of it and I wanted to get a physical copy!
  • Down Among the Sticks and Bones – Pre-Order
  • Now I Rise – Pre-Order
  • Wonder Women: Warbringer – Pre-Order


21936986.jpg  9781473667402.jpg  31931941.jpg  25063781.jpg

  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy – I’m once again, late to the party *sigh!* but I really wanted to start this trilogy! Everyone seems to love them, and I do love me, some cute contemporary books!



  • Shatter Me Box Set – I have been wanting to read Shatter Me for quite some time, but I never got to it. But people seem to love it so much, that I had to get it!

Historical Fiction: 

9781447283072.jpg  28103790.jpg

Graphic Novels:

9781338045642  29772863.jpg


And that’s all for my amazing birthday haul! 😀 I got only two bookish stuff and that was a Belle Funko Pop and a mini tote bag to carry a book around! Everyone basically gave me books this year and a bookshelf so I wanna thank also in here, everyone that said Happy Birthday to me or bought me a present! Thank you! ❤

What did you guys think of the books I got? Have you read or want to read any of this? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

33 thoughts on “Huge Birthday Book Haul 2017

  1. Happy birthday, I hope you had an amazing day and omg those books… I wish I could go on a book haul like that on my birthdays 😦 Anyway, Happy Birthday again, Joana! x

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    • Thank you!! 😀 It’s the first time I get this many 😛 Normally I receive some other stuff on my birthday and a lot of books in christmas, but I guess this year no one really knew what to give other than money or books xD Which I deeply appreciate! I hope your birthday will be as amazing!! 😍

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  2. 👑🎂🎁🎉🎊HAPPY BIRTHDAY 👑🎂🎁🎉🎊

    Even though we are late..😊😅

    Totally cool you can finally read HP…we need to read them to..😅
    Hopefully you’ll enjoy Shatter Me series like we do – remember 3 more books to come out (started next year 😉) and it’s coming out 3 days after our bday!! XD XD

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    • Hahaha no problem!! Thank you!!! 😍
      Yeeees!!! I am so happy I finally have them!! I was going to ask it for christmas tho because I really wanna read them in winter!
      I am super excited to get to Shatter Me too! It’s a favorite of a lot of people, and I can’t even believe it’s getting more books :O I have to start it before that!! I hope I love it! The covers are so gorgeous!! 😍
      Should I also read Unite Me?


    • Thank you!! 😍 I am starting some of them very very soon!! And I know you loved A Darker Shade of Magic!! I can’t wait for that one! Unfortunately is the one it will take the longest to arrive >.<


    • TOTALLY!! I have been wanting this books for so long!!
      I am reading The Lara Jean trilogy in July and Every Heart a Doorway (I have noticed people liking it but to be honest I have no idea what it is about 😛 )
      Harry Potter I’ve read the first, second and a bit of the third long time ago but I didn’t like it in portuguese, so I’m very excited to read them all in english, although I will probably only start it in December and read one per month from there on!
      I also noticed you really loved Flame in the Mist, and people have been not enjoying it much so I’m super happy I finally found someone that loved it that much!!
      I don’t have it yet, but pretty soon I am buying it!! >.<

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        • ohh I didn’t know! I am going to read them pretty soon, probably even today 😍 And next I will finally get to the Lara Jean books! ^^
          I love the movies and normal books are even better so I HAVE TOO! 😛
          I haven’t read any book by her yet >.< I read one short story but thats abut it… Need to get to it! >.<

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  3. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (I’m sorry for being late)
    That’s sooooo cool. I would literally die if I got these much books for my birthday presents, lol!!!
    There are so many amazing books there, but my heart was stolen by none other than, the cat!!! Her eyes are gorgeous!!! lol

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  4. Ohhhhhhh my god! What a fantastic book haul! I’m in awe like ALL THESE BOOKS ARE SO PRETTY!

    I got that Harry Potter box set for Christmas and I’m so in love with it! AND BIG YES TO SHATTER ME WOOOOOO dies. I really hope you’re going to enjoy the series as much as me! ❤️

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    • Yeeees!! I am so excited to finally start it! I have way to many books yet to read that everybody seems to love >.< And Shatter Me is near the top of the list. I am definitely reading before the new one comes out!! Probably even this autumn! 😍
      Harry Potter was also in my Christmas List but I didn’t get it… I was going to ask it for christmas this year but my mom said that she would give it to me in my birthday YEY! ^^

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  5. I can’t believe I missed your birthday! 😦 Happy (belated) birthday, Joana! ❤
    WOAH, you got so many books, that’s awesome! I’m really interested in a few of them, so I can’t wait to see what you’ll think of them. & To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is SO CUTE!!
    That harry potter box set is very pretty! I got the one with the hogwarts spines back in december, because I had only read them before in PT as well, and now I’m really excited to re-read them in EN (don’t know when, tho haha)
    I hope you enjoyed your birthday! 😀

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    • Hahaha no problem!! Thank you! 😍 I have been kinda of lately :/ I am having some extra school so I always try to answer comments in the end of the week, so I only saw your comment now >-<
      YEEES! I am terribly excited, now I only have to find time to read them? I guess that’s the difficult part 😛 But I’m reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before this month! ^^ I have been wanting to read it for so long!
      Ahhhh I envy you! The Hogwarts set looks so amazing! But it’s a lot more money than this one… so I kinda gave up on it (for now :P). I am reading the first one in December, since it has a christmas feeling to it ^^ I didn’t really like them in PT and I didn’t even read them all x) I guess the funny parts kinda get lost when it’s translated…
      I sure did, thank you!! 😀
      PS I like your new graphics! I don’t know if it’s recent but I only saw it now?! >.<

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      • That’s a really good idea, I’ll probably try to read it in December too 😛 There are some Harry Potter read-a-thons going on now, but now I’m really focused on my TBR pile haha I also agree with you, I’m really excited for this re-read because I know I’ve missed a lot when I read them in PT.
        And thank you so much ❤ ❤ Yeah, it’s kinda recent, that was me procrastinating when I should have been studying 😛

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