End of the SUMMER BINGOS – 2017

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This year I decided to participate in two summer bingos from June to August. The first one is the YA Summer Bingo – 2017 which I made a post for here and the other one is the Summer 2017 Bookish Bingo which you can see in my general challenges page here.

They were my first bingos and I had a lot of fun participating in them! And now, let’s see how it went!

YA Summer Bingo – 2017 by @kyeraslibrary


I did change around 4 books from my original post but I ended the bingo anyway with all the bingos I could have done so YEY! This was a very easy and fun bingo for me. I still read books I wanted to read and I didn’t force myself to read anything I wasn’t feeling like. And best of all, I understood what every part meant, and chose a book accordingly, which is normally my biggest problem!

I loved this bingo and I can’t wait for more! This was so much fun and I feel incredibly accomplished!

I think the most difficult one for me to read out of all the topics was A Book That Takes Place in Summer because I couldn’t find one that I was already going to read. Only afterwards, I realized I already had. I also found A Science Fiction Read a bit tricky for me because I don’t read as much sci-fi as fantasy or contemporary books. But I’m working on changing that!

Summer 2017 Bookish Bingo by @prettydeadlyblog


This was a bit more difficult than the first one, but I decided to join it after I join the other because some topics were the same but it had some other fun ones too, so I thought I would manage to do it too! And TADAAAM… I did! Yey me! I got all the bingos possible!

I am so happy with these bingos you guys don’t even know! They are really fun and they challenge you in a fun and interesting way. I am for sure going to look for more to do!

From this one, the most difficult ones to accomplish for me were Royalty, Latinx MC and Ace Rep. But I did manage to find books that I already had on my TBR that fit the topics and actually really good ones!

I’m not going to choose any favorites here because I’ve been doing that in my wrap-ups every month and this month’s one was already posted yesterday.


Did you participate in any of these bingos? How did it go for you, did we read any of the same books?

What was your favorite topic to do and the most difficult one to accomplish?

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