FairyLoot November Box Unboxing


The theme for November’s FairyLoot box was Ladies that Slay. If you haven’t checked them out yet, FairyLoot is an amazing YA bookish subscription box. It’s the only one I tried so far but I’ve been loving it! This is my second box and the favorite is still my last one but this sure had some pretty amazing things!

If you wanna check out what this box included, just keep reading! I will share some photos of the items and my thoughts on them.

Ladies that Slay – November 2017


So this is all the box included. Now for each item…

This box, like the last one, came with two books. The first one was a surprise ARC (advanced reading copy) of Furyborn by Claire Legrand. This book is only going to be released in May of next year and it’s the first one in a trilogy called Empirium. Check out the synopsis here! It sounds fantastic!

32667458The book of the month is by Kristen Ciccarelli and it’s called The Last Namsara. According to Fairy Loot, it features DRAGONS and the story follows a girl that must hunt dragons and learn the power of old stories. This book comes with an exclusive cover and you can see the difference between my photo and the normal one on the side. The original one is with gold details and the exclusive one is all in silver.

Which one do you guys prefer? I personally love the exclusive one.

As for the other items…


We got an exclusive Blue’s Brew tea by Bookish Teas. It smells divine, you know when you get a bag of gummies of all sorts and you smell the bag? Well, it smells like that for me. It’s a tea inspired by Blue Sargent from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater and it’s said to be a fruit tea with black and red currants, blackberries, apple, hibiscus and rosehip peels. Plus it contains edible glitter!

We also have an exclusive Fight the Darkness sticker inspired by An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir that says “So long as you fight the darkness you stand in the light”. This one was designed by Reverie & Ink

As extra items, we have a tiny little The Last Namsara pin and an enamel pin from This Mortal Coil which is really interesting and the paper says “There’s no gene for run like hell” and with that, I’m sold and need to buy that book.



We also got an exclusive Brightest Witch candle from Flick The Wick. It’s a soy candle inspired by Hermione Granger and it smells amazing. It contains vanilla, musk, raspberry, and citrus. It has quite a distinctive and unique smell. I loved it!

We also got an exclusive Fire is Catching badge made by Literary EmporiumIt’s inspired by Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games and you can iron it onto your bag or clothes. It says “Fire is catching. And if we burn. You burn with us!” I really liked this one.

Also in the photo, we got an extra item that is a random postcard inspired by The Last Namsara! I’ve seen three different ones and this is the one I got.

Lastly, as you can see in the photo below we got a book sleeve! This one is exclusive and designed by Aunjuli Art and the quality is amazing!! The pattern is quite simple, full of swords representing the ladies that slay and the colors are fantastic!

Here is another photo of all of it together!


This was an amazing, amazing box and I loved it. But for me, it’s not a favorite. This one came a bit late but in perfect condition and the things are for sure really interesting and it’s always amazing to open these boxes! Plus I’m excited to read these books because I hadn’t heard about any of them before.

The next month’s theme will be…

Oh so Regal!

I’m super excited for it. For more information on that box, you can check the instragram post here! They are already sold out, but they always have some left at the beginning of the month. If you missed them, make sure you always hurry and get one on day 3 of each month!!

You can also already check out the January theme here! And for that one, you can subscribe or buy a single box starting day 9 of December! Sign up for the waiting list here!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, as much as I did. I really like doing these unboxings because I love talking about new and interesting bookish things and I love taking photos of them…

Did you get this box or intend to get one?

What’s your favorite item from here?

Have you read any of these books? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

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