Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag 2018

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I did this tag only once and it was quite long ago, but I really wanted to do it again because it actually is a really cool tag.

This was created by Chami and  Ely so thank you so much to them, and let’s get started!

So, in the beginning of the post, I will also share a bit about how I’m doing so far, with my challenges this year! And I hope you guys enjoy it!

If you wanna check out the challenges I will mention in more detail, you can do so here. So this is how I am doing: (and to be honest I have no idea either…)

  • Goodreads Reading Challenge – I recently updated it from 75 to 100 and I’ve read 68 so far.
  • 2018 Beat the Backlist – Team Dewey Dragons – knock off as many books on my TBR as I can – I’ve read 8 standalone books out of 15. As for series, I am currently making my way through the Shadowhunter books*
  • Shadowhunter Marathon – I’ve read  3 out of 10.
  • Shelflove Reading Challenge 2018 – I’ve completed 28 topics out of 50.
  • 2018 Mount TBR Reading Challenge – Read 36 books from your TBR pile/s – I’ve read 37 out of the 36 I was aiming to.
  • Rory Gilmore Challenge – I’ve read so far 5 out of the 14 ones I intended for this year.

Tag time…

1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2018


This is such a hard question! I read SO MANY amazing books but I guess I can’t put them all here…

The Dream Thieves, Sadie, The BellesBeneath the Sugar SkyThe ToymakersStrange the DreamerThe Trials of Morrigan CrowSky in the Deep

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2018


I’ve read some this year but these ones are the best so far I think. Although I must say that any book on The Ravel Cycle series is as good as the last, because they are all AMAZING. But The Burning Maze was for sure the best so far out of The Trials of Apollo.

 3. New Release You Haven’t Read Yet, But Want To


There are a couple of ones but these are the main ones. I already got them all so I just really need to get to them.

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year


There are quite many… But these 3 are my absolute most anticipated books ever!

5. Biggest Disappointment

This was extremely boring… If I hadn’t got all the books before I would have stopped here. But I’m actually glad I didn’t because the next book is actually really good, which for a person that is not a big fan of this series, it’s for sure an improvement, right?

6. Biggest Surprise


I absolutely loved The Belles and I really thought I wouldn’t since it contains so many descriptions… but it’s freaking gorgeous!

7. Favorite New Author (Debut or New To You)

Laini Taylor! Laini Taylor! Laini Taylor! Strange the Dreamer is PERFECTION!

8. Newest Fictional Crush

Hmmm, I don’t have? I do have characters I love tho. I just can’t call it a crush?

9. Newest Favourite Character

Well, I do have a lot of them… But my TOP 3 are Ronan and Blue from The Raven Boys and Lila from A Darker Shade of Magic.

10. Book That Made You Cry


Anne of the Green Gables is such a BEAUTIFUL book! There were so many times that tears came to my eyes!

11. Book That Made You Happy


Maybe Leah on the Offbeat… I freaking love Leah! This book made me laugh a LOT sometimes so I guess it counts as a book that made me happy?

12. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)


There are SO many… But I guess these three are a good example! Although the Sky in the Deep cover I have is the Owlcrate exclusive – check it out here

13. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

There are so many! But here’s some of the ones I really wanna get too! 5 new releases and 5 other ones:

New Releases to come:

  • Muse of Nightmares
  • The Winter of the Witch
  • Bright We Burn
  • Escaping from Houdini
  • The Dark Descendent of Elizabeth Frankenstein 

Books that I own from my TBR:

  • The Raven King
  • A Gathering of Shadows
  • Aru Shah and the End of Time
  • Not that Bad
  • Cruel Beauty


Comment down below what you thought of my answers and what you would have answered! Are we reading/Have we read any of the same books?

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