The Rise of Winter by Alex Lyttle

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The Rise of Winter by Alex Lyttle

Series: Terra Protectorum #1

Publisher: Central Avenue Publishing

Expected publication: May 1st 2019

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy

Pages: 320

Format: ARC

Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

* Received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you very much! This doesn’t affect the review in any way. My opinions are, as always, my own.*

Centuries ago, Terra, the world, was nearly destroyed by humans. In the wake of that destruction, Terra created the Guardians – a group sworn to protect Her. But humans have returned to their plundering ways and Terra needs the Guardians. The Guardians are now fractured, their leader murdered years before. They need a new leader – a new Terra Protectorum – but when a young girl is chosen outrage ensues. Questions demand answers.
Why has Terra selected a girl with no knowledge of the Guardians? Why has she chosen a human when it is the humans destroying the earth? And most importantly, why has she chosen the girl whose father murdered the last Terra Protectorum?

Captura de ecrã 2017-06-30, às 18.09.21I’ve been saying for some time how much I’ve been enjoying middle grade. When I read the synopsis for this book I just couldn’t not get it… It sounded so interesting and fun! But this was even better than I thought it was going to be. This book is SO incredibly fun, sweet, exciting and gripping!

This is Winter’s story. She was just a young girl when everything suddenly turned upside down. Life as she knew it was gone and she was now being hunted by animals that wanted to hurt her. But weirder of all, they talked and she could understand them! With some animals’ help, she was to become a fellow Guardian of Terra, which she needed to protect from destruction. But that might be simpler said than done…

Winter is a really enjoyable main character. She is caring, friendly, determined and realistic. She is just a kid and she is trying her best to help do her part for the planet. I thought it quite inspiring how she tried to understand everyone’s sides and help everyone. She has a good heart and I loved how much friendship and family meant to her.

As for the Guardians and other animals alike, I freaking loved it! I LOVE animals, and to see them talk and express their feelings is just the perfect thing for me! It’s like a dream come true. Who doesn’t want to understand and talk to animals, right? And if they have magical powers – even better!

There’s a lot of animals, some good, some not so good. They all had their own personality going on and it made it super fun to read it… Vulpeera and Proctin are probably the animals most present in the story, and they are delightful to read about! Vulpeera is a sweet little fox, full of determination and courage, and Proctin is a puffy raccoon with a heart of gold! They are for sure some of my favorites and I loved every bit about them. If you want to get know about more of them, I would definitely recommend reading this! *hint*

As far as environmental messages go, I think they are really important and I did really enjoy how this book made it interesting and magical. We have the problem of humans destroying the earth. But I would have changed a part – in the book we see that building a road is destroying all the habitat around it, and although that road seemed unneeded, many aren’t and people do need roads… I just hoped it would be something more superfluous. But the point is there anyway – humans are destroying nature.

This book uses a bit of Latin in it like Protectorum and Terra. It was quite exciting for me to read those since my mother-tongue comes from Latin. Overall the writing was really accessible, enjoyable and gripping. I couldn’t put it down. There’s just the right amount of fun and tension, and action and information.

Also, there’s a couple of twists that are incredible! I did NOT see them coming and it made me even more excited for the sequel! I can’t wait >.<

This book has an awesome main character, all kinds of talking animals, and magic. I mean… It can’t get much better than that! I absolutely loved this book and I couldn’t put it down. Plus, it creates awareness of what’s happening to our planet, in a way accessible and fun for younger readers. 

And just FYI, it does contain violence.

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What did you think of it? Are you excited about this book? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

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