Owlcrate Unboxing August 2021

Hey guys! Here’s the unboxing for Owlcrate August’s box! Hope you enjoy! The theme of the month is Dark Academia and this time I have help unboxing it!

Owlcrate is an amazing YA bookish subscription box that I would highly recommend getting. Plus, if you live in Europe like me, it still arrives incredibly fast and somehow  (for me) it doesn’t get more expensive than any other box coming from Europe – although obviously, it changes from country to country…

If you want to check out what this box included, just keep reading! I will show photos of all the items, information on them and some of my thoughts!

Dark Academia – August 2021

So this is all the box included! Now for each item…

This month’s book is A Lesson in Vengeance by Victoria Lee. The cover that came is an exclusive Owlcrate edition that you can see in the photo below and the one on the left is the original one.

Here’s the synopsis:

Felicity Morrow is back at Dalloway School.

Perched in the Catskill mountains, the centuries-old, ivy-covered campus was home until the tragic death of her girlfriend. Now, after a year away, she’s returned to graduate. She even has her old room in Godwin House, the exclusive dormitory rumored to be haunted by the spirits of five Dalloway students—girls some say were witches. The Dalloway Five all died mysteriously, one after another, right on Godwin grounds.

Witchcraft is woven into Dalloway’s history. The school doesn’t talk about it, but the students do. In secret rooms and shadowy corners, girls convene. And before her girlfriend died, Felicity was drawn to the dark. She’s determined to leave that behind her now; all Felicity wants is to focus on her senior thesis and graduate. But it’s hard when Dalloway’s occult history is everywhere. And when the new girl won’t let her forget.

It’s Ellis Haley’s first year at Dalloway, and she’s already amassed a loyal following. A prodigy novelist at seventeen, Ellis is a so-called “method writer.” She’s eccentric and brilliant, and Felicity can’t shake the pull she feels to her. So when Ellis asks Felicity for help researching the Dalloway Five for her second book, Felicity can’t say no. Given her history with the arcane, Felicity is the perfect resource.

And when history begins to repeat itself, Felicity will have to face the darkness in Dalloway–and in herself.

This is the book’s beautiful cover! It’s a similar design but in a different color.

The book naked is super pretty and mysterious! This was designed by @Paperbackbones.

The book came signed, which is always a plus!

The art in the reverse of the dust jacket is of Felicity and Ellis designed by Nicole Deal!

Here’s the beautiful sprayed edges in silver and the new enamel pin based on the book and created by Icey Designs! I freaking LOOOOVE it. It features the password for Margery Cove – ex sciential ultimo – meaning ‘from knowledge comes vengeance.’

As for the other items…

We also got a Reading Kit designed by @Paperbackbones and inspired by If We Were Villains!

Here’s the inside! Comes with a pen that you can use on your phone or kindle and some paper notes and reading flags!

We got some tea from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe based on Truly Devious!

Here’s another awesome item! We got a stamp that says “from the library of:” designed by Little Inklings Design!

Next we got this beautiful metal bookmark based on The Secret History and designed by @Paperbackbones!

Here’s a closeup!

We also got a book sleeve inspired by The Raven Boys and designed by Dri Gomez! I love the illustration!

Here’s the reverse! It’s so detailed!

Lastly we got the third in a four-part collectable book tin inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic – White London and designed by Forensics and Flowers!

Here’s the inside and side of the book tin!

The September theme is…

Haunted Hearts

🖤 Our September book is an atmospheric gothic fantasy about a girl forced to live at a haunted estate. She’s heard many stories about the monster who resides there, but once she arrives she discovers not everything is quite as it seems. We absolutely adored this dark romantic tale!
🖤 We will be including a beautiful exclusive edition of the book which will feature a stunning foil cover printed directly on the hardcover case (no dust jacket). The book will also have exclusive end pages, an exclusive bonus chapter and will be signed by the author!
🖤 Items included will be inspired by Stalking Jack the Ripper, Crimson Peak, The Shadows Between Us, Emily Brontë and more! We think these goodies will appeal to anyone who loves gothic aesthetics!
🖤 This box will also contain the next drinkware item in our ongoing collection with @mletteringlover!
🖤 This box is available to order now for new subscribers! Visit owlcrate.com if you’d like to join!

For more information on that box, you can check it out here or at their Instagram here.

I hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing!

Did you get this box or intend to get the next one?

What’s your favorite item from this box?

Is this book on your TBR or have you read it? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

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