LitJoy Crate Unboxing – Summer Galaxy Guardians

Hey guys!

It’s time to unbox LitJoy Crate’s Summer Box! They are quarterly and always come with an amazing coffee cup! Are you excited to check it out?? Keep on reading!

Galaxy Guardians – Summer YA Box

So this is all the box included! Now for each item…

This month we got These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan.

This exclusive hardback edition comes with:

  • sprayed edges
  • beautiful endpapers
  • design on the case by @riddleandravens
  • illustration on the back of the dust jacket by @ilik_art
  • signed by the author!

Here’s the synopsis:

Pittacus Lore finished telling the story of the Lorien Nine. Now, he’s back to recount an all-new adventure rooted in the real mysteries surrounding Roswell, New Mexico, that will enthrall fans of Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman, and Brandon Sanderson.

We have waited generations for you…

Syd Chambers knows that there’s life on other planets because he’s descended from it. His father was from a distant world called Denza, and has been missing—presumed dead—for years.

When Syd discovers a device his father left behind that shows not only that he’s alive, but where he is, Syd must set out on a mission of his own. But along the way, he discovers a deadly, unbearable secret that could destroy Denza, Earth, and the universe. 

As for each item…

So, here’s the book and the front of the author’s letter! This is a normal cover and it’s super glossy!

It has some pretty end papers!

Matching the color of the book we have some pretty sprayed edges!

Also, the book came signed and here is the author’s signature!

Here’s the back of the dust jacket and the design on the naked book! I love these!

And finally the letter of the author!

This beautiful teacup (or again expresso cup) and saucer were inspired by the Stalking Jack the Ripper series and designed by Nairafeather! Love how unlikely match they are! But that saucer is just perfect.

Next, we got a beautiful Illuminae headband!

It’s super light and comfy!

Here we have a super cute enamel pin inspired by Aurora Rising and designed by @justelfit and it actually opens!!

It’s freaking gorgeous!!

We also got a beautiful Cress metal bookmark designed by @thenameisjoules which I adore! I love this series so much and couldn’t recommend it more! The bookmark reads “She would make her own destiny”.

Here’s another look at the bookmark and the next item in the box. We got a pen inspired by Doctor Who and guess what?!

The back lights up!! With the Phone Booth! Also you can see the new photo strip, inspired by Serpent and Dove and designed by @sarahconradsen!!

We also got some socks, that I had to automatically try on on top of the ones I already had >.< But they are too cute not to, right? These were designed by @jscottclawson and obviously inspired by The Mandalorian – Grogu!

We also got a Communication badge sticker. And lastly…

An awesome mix tape zipper pouch!

Here’s the other side!

What do you think of this box? My fav item has to be… the headband! It’s just so cute and different!

Overall this was an amazing box and I’m super excited for whatever they will come up with next! Also, here’s the only add-on I got:

It’s a beautiful dessert plate designed by Rosiethorns88! It’s inspired by Serpent and Dove, which is one of my fav books!

I hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing! They are always super fun to make!

What’s your favorite item from this box?

Is this book on your TBR or have you read it? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

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