Litjoy Magical Classes July 2021

Hey guys!

FINALLY it’s time to unbox LitJoy Magical Classes for July. They are quarterly and it’s kinda late but it’s all kinds of AMAZING. So, let’s get started!!

This box was designed by @davideortuillustration.

Litjoy Magical Classes July 2021

For Herbology…

So, here’s the first item and it’s the freaking cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! It’s a Baby Mandrake planter where you can put for example a succulent. This was done by Litjoy and the box it came in (on the right) was designed by @timbeeren.

Here’s how it looks with a fake succulent on top ❤

For Transfiguration…

We got the cutest foldable cat bag! This always comes in handy and I love the attention to detail in it. This was designed by @karen_leopold and when opened we have more designs!!

Here’s one side.

And here’s the other!

For Charms and Dark Arts…

For charms we have one of the collectible coins, this time Wingardium Leviosa! And for Dark Arts we got enamel magnets! They are three separate ones and they look stunning. They were designed by @carellafra_art.

For Potions…

We got seasonings potions shakes! We have salt and pepper and they came with two types of lids! The black ones have two holes, and the others are closed so you can use them as you like! They were designed by @timbeeren.

For Care of Magical Creatures…

We got a Monster book of monsters storage box! It’s so fluffy and incredibly cute! Love the idea!

This is how it looks open!

For Divination…

We got a gorgeous teacup and saucer with the grim!! It looks so feminine and yet creepy! Love it! This was designed by @eviebookish.

And here’s the Ravenclaw Common Room photo strip! It’s adorable and it was designed by @sarahconradsen.

Also, we got Hermione’s schedule in the back of the card that lists the items in the box!

What do you think of this box? My fav item has to be… the mandrake! It’s just so damn cute!!

Overall this was an amazing box and I’m super excited for whatever they will come up with next! Also, here’s the only add-on I got:

It’s my fav items of all time! The collectable keys and this time we have Magical Sports Equipment Supplies Key and Potion Master’s Cabinet Key! These were designed by @Amelia_b83.

I hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing! They are always super fun to make!

What’s your favorite item from this box?

Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

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