Sassenach Crate – LitJoy Crate

Hey guys!

It’s time to unbox LitJoy Crate Special Edition Sassenach Crate! This is a special edition box inspired by Outlander! Tatataaaaam…

Sassenach Crate overview:

So, here’s everything the box included! It’s SO freaking amazing! I can’t even believe how LitJoy Crate always manages to amaze me!

Here’s our first item! We have Claire’s highland blend tea with a vanilla rooibos flavour. It smells So good!! I love anything vanilla!

We got a super cute wedding vows trinket dish! This was designed by @chattynora and it’s beautiful!

Next we have a Dragonfly in Amber Soap which smells like really good vanilla!

Here’s a Jamie and Claire wood bookmark designed by @maria_lahaine. It’s double sided and with a beautiful illustration!

Here’s the other side! Such delicate work!

Next we got a Pocket size Jamie Standee – you can see his beautiful eyes in the next photo after removing the protection!!

Tadam!! SO cool! This was designed by Susan Murdoch!

Here are Claire’s knit gloves with a pretty button in them. They are a super pretty green color and I only show one button because the other was damaged >.< Check out how they look!

Cute, right? They are a bit tight on top but the base covers the fingers well!

We got a Celtic knot metal shawl pin designed by It’s so adorable! It reminds me of Charmed – the TV show, anyone else?

We also got a Lallybroch ring necklace made of stainless steel! I love how simple and beautiful it is!

Next an absolute favourite, we got a standing stones music box! You read right!! Music box!! The artwork was designed by @artbyredjessica. It’s so freaking gorgeous!!!
Here’s the inside! You can put trinkets in! I can’t put the video in here otherwise I would have to pay, but it’s super short and cute. Sorry!
Next we have Lallybroch tea cup and saucer! This was designed by @webandmoss. It’s so pretty! Which is becoming the most annoying word in my post, but it is, right??
We of course got the photo strip for Jamie and Claire!!
We also got the most beautiful Medicinal Herbs bag! I absolutely love it and it was designed by!

Lastly, we got a Blanket Tartan Scarf, which is what I used on the background of the photos! I LOVE the colours chosen!

What do you think of this box? This box was incredibly packed!! My fav item has to be… Well if I can’t choose all, than the MUSIC BOX!! It’s so perfect and I would love to see more of those!

Overall this was an amazing amazing box and I’m super excited for whatever they will come up with next! Also, here’s the only add-on I got:

The collectable keys LitJoy does are just perfect. This time we have what seems to be inspired by Beauty and the Beast, correct me if I’m wrong.

I hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing! They are always super fun to make!

What’s your favorite item from this box?

Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

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