Meet Me Under the Northern Lights by Emily Kerr – ARC Review

Meet Me Under the Northern Lights by Emily Kerr

Series: N/A

Publisher: HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter

Expected publication: December 3rd 2021

Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Pages: –

Format: ARC

Buy: Amazon 

* Received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you very much! This doesn’t affect the review in any way. My opinions are, as always, my own.*

All it takes is one moment to change your life . . .

When a cleverly edited video of radio host Lucy Fairweather goes viral, she knows she needs an escape. And preferably somewhere far away.

Where better than Wild Zone – a destination for people who want to experience the Arctic Circle? Owned by the gorgeous but brooding Tommi, Lucy agrees to help with the guests in return for her stay. But getting to grips with her skis is proving harder than it looks.

Far from home and in a winter wonderland, will an encounter with the breathtaking Northern Lights change her luck, in both life and love?

Lucy Fairweather is a breakfast show radio presenter at Star FM. Her life is crazy both professionally and personally, her taste for drinking, parties and overall disregard for rules brings her to a lot of problems. The biggest one being the video that just went viral. This video is all bullshit, but does it really matter? No. Her life is turned upside down from it, bringing threats, stalking and a lot of unpleasantness when the other person in the video, her coworker Jonno doesn’t have her back. You see, for him the video brings something good, so why not go with it?

Lucy turns to her friend Skye for help and it just so happens she has an idea, why not go help her brother-in-law in Finland at the Wild Zone near the Artic Circle! This is an outdoor retreat and she can stay there all she wants in return for her help at the place. But this might be another nightmare for her and her problematic nature brings all new problems to tackle. After all you can run but you can’t hide, at least not forever…

I really liked that the main focus of the book wasn’t the romance. Its all about finding oneself and learning from mistakes. Lucy is a complete mess, and as unlikable as they come. She tries, and she has a kind heart but she never expects consequences to her actions. Her way of being brings a lot of problems, one of them being her over-drinking, which is just one of many things she has to tackle to build up a better life!

I really liked how Lucy developed and grew with the book and her new-found self. I found it inspiring and beautiful. She found her strength, her balance and someone that cares for her as much as she does. I loved reading about her adventures changing to better ones, and a new found love for something she dreaded – cold dark Finland.

Another big point for me was how well described the winter and all the Arctic goodness was. It felt like being there, and even tho I live in Finland, I actually learned some new stuff from the north. It’s really well researched and gives the right feel to the book. I also liked that it made it realistic, not overly romantic or fairy-taley but that pure natural magic that only winter can bring.

The end was easy to predict but it definitely didn’t take the enjoyment out of it. This was a page-turner, full of accidents, excitement, new adventures and a lot of friendship. The romance was incredibly cute and well built up. Tommi’s way of being reminded me of what I though of my boyfriend when I met him. His calm demeanour, looking unapproachable without meaning to and in his own world. But on the inside completely mushy and a soft soul. So, in my eyes it described the first impression of a Finnish person pretty well, in general of course- obv everyone is different – but it is more common than not to be like Tommi.

It also speaks about some tough subjects like misogyny, hate crime, slut-shaming, online-hate, internet trolls being their best selfs and the fact that behind an online figure there’s a real human being! It was touching, stressful and all too real!

What did you think of it? Have you read it? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

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