Thunderpaws and the Tower of London by Ben Housden – ARC Review

Thunderpaws and the Tower of London by Ben Housden

Illustrated By MonoKubo

Series: Nature’s Claws #1

Publisher: High Gate Press

Expected publication: December 1st 2021

Genres: Fantasy, Fiction

Pages: 272

Format: ARC

Buy: Amazon / Book Depository

* Received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you very much! This doesn’t affect the review in any way. My opinions are, as always, my own.*

“I can be the most famous cat in history? Is that why I’m here? Mum said I was special.” 

Life as the foremost feline at the world famous Tower of London is not as glamorous as it sounds. The governor wants him out, the ravens are tricking his whiskers, and there are more scheming Royal ghosts than is healthy for anyone. Teufel has his paws pretty full already, but deep within this ancient landmark are mysteries darker and more frightening than he could ever imagine… 

– is it too late for Teufel to claw his way out of the danger closing in on every side? Is our hero about to become dog food? Or could it be, as the mouse said, that Thunderpaws is destined to save the world?

Colour-illustrated, fantasy action adventure for readers aged 9-90.

Teufel or of course Thunderpaws, since he hasn’t been able to catch any birds, is now living in the famous Tower of London, where his humans moved to from Devon. But being the new Tower Of London Cat is not as easy as it seems and has far too many rules. He soon discovers that there are ghosts with their own plans, ravens who hate him and can read his mind, and a governor who would rather he wasn’t there.
Teufel has to accept his duties once and for all and accept his destiny told by a mouse, to be able to save both the Tower and whole London.

The book read exactly as if it was a cat talking. Like, I could actually picture the snotty feline! Headstrong and with a disregard for… well, pretty much everything, Teufel is a black cat destined for making history! Or so he is told… He hasn’t come to terms with everything yet… From a peaceful life in Devon, he has now to adapt to it all – ghosts, mouse telling prophecies, ravens that are apparently more important than him and more. It’s a lot to take in for any cat, but especially for our little devil!

Even tho he is the complete contrary of everything he is supposed to be, you can’t but care for his welfare. And so we are taken through all the adventures that await him.

The writing is very distinct and makes Teufel all too real. It’s also fun to follow him and to hear his thoughts on everything and everyone. He is very entitled, he is a cat after all, but he comes to care for something other than himself for a change.

I read this as an e-arc so I only saw the illustrations in black and white, but they complement the story very well.

Overall tho, I though it went too much in circles and it didn’t work for me, I think I would have loved it as a kid tho. I think this would be more enjoyable for a younger audience than myself but it was still enjoyed following Teufel around as I do have a very soft spot for cats! It’s cute and fun so it’s a shame the plot didn’t do it for me.

What did you think of it? Have you read it? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

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