Baking this Christmas? Here’s some Baking Book Recommendations!

It’s finally December!! Christmas time approaches!

I love Christmas! It’s so cozy and magical! But what I love the most during this time of the year, is to bake!

Here are some Baking Books I’m using this Christmas! They aren’t all Christmas related but the awesome part about baking is to adapt and make something of your own, so… Here we go!

I will talk about 8 Books that I’ve used before or similar ones to the ones I have!

I hope you like it! Enjoy ❤

In no particular order:

1. Marry Berry Fast Cakes by Marry Berry

This is one of the easiest cake books I own. It has a ton of recipes that are on the fast side and overall I’ve had a lot of luck with it! I’ve tried a couple so far both at home and at work and they are a success!

Favs that I’ve baked: Swiss roll and honey cake

2. Illustrated Step-by-Step Baking Cookbook for Kids and Teens by Skye Wade

I recently reviewed this book and was kindly sent it by the author (So thank you so much, I love it!) See the review HERE if you missed it!

I’ve only tried one recopy so far and I’m in love with how easy it is to follow – and it even gives space to write your thoughts, what you would change, and rate it!

If you have kids or just enjoy learning how to bake by yourself, I would highly recommend this one!

Here’s the one I made, and yes the ones in the book look better and I am no chef, but it tasted great, like scones!

3. The Complete Book of Cookies edited by Deborah Gray

This is an oldie but goldie! It has probably all the cookies you would wish for and there’s both easy ones and more elaborated ones. I’ve tried also a couple from this one and they were a success!

Fav that I’ve done: chocolate pinwheels (kinda like swirls) and chocolate chip cookies

I have some Finnish ones I’ll be using, but I’ll talk about similar English ones I found in the same order!

4. The Book on Pie by Erin Jeanne McDowell

The first book in my photo is a book with pies and this one is the one I would go for if I wanted to buy it in English. Seems to have a ton of pie goodness and from the cover not all seem too difficult to accomplish. Plus pies are just HEAVEN!

5. Christmas Baking by  Joyce & Laura Klynstra

The next one I have is not full on baking, but it has a decent chunk of it dedicated to it. This English one however seems to be all about it! Looks amazing and I highly doubt I would be disappointed if I got it, so I hope you wouldn’t be either!

6. Beginner’s Baking Bible  by Heather Perine

The one in the photo is a tiny book with a lot of easy baking goodies. So I thought this would be totally a good dupe for it. Plus it has A LOT more in it than mine does! I think I’m actually going to get it, and like I said I do a lot of baking but am no pro. So Beginner’s baking bible sounds like something I need!

These two are on the pro side, one is in Finnish, the other in English – but no worries, I found a good dupe for it!

7. Pastry School 

I absolutely love the one I have and it has amazing beautiful pastries in it that leave me in awe! So I though this Pastry School sounds even better! It’s a lot bigger and it’s a step-by-step book, which are my absolute favorites! Especially when it comes to pro baking, I definitely need it!

8 Éclaires by Christophe Adam

I must say I have yet to try to do these delicacies by myself! I often open the book and browse it but I need to gather the courage and try it out! They are beautiful for any occasion, but imagine serving Christmas Éclaires?! It’s a dream!

Hope you all are having a great time and tell me what you think about these books, or you can recommend me some new ones!

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