Illumicrate The Green Bone Saga Unboxing

Hi guys! I have one more unboxing for you!! This time I’ll share The Green Bone Saga brought to us by Illumicrate!!

Illumicrate is an amazing subscription box that often comes out with special editions just like this one! SO, without further a do, check it out!

Here are all the items included:

I love that the books came with something else special on the side! Not many books do that!
Here’s the amazing trilogy with special edition covers! Aren’t they gorgeous?? It’s an exclusive naked hardback set with new foil design covers, stencil edges and they are all signed by the author, Fonda Lee!!
Here are the backs, also with foiling!

The spines are also foiled and with something special to each book, that was present in both front, back and in the stencilled edges too!

My favourite part as to be the stencilled edges for sure! They look stunning!

And finally the signature from the author, which is present in each book!

As for the other items:

We have the Twice Lucky Souvenir Plate Set designed by @rosdottir, which are super beautiful and tiny!!
The Kaul Family Bookmark Set designed by @merwildandco! These are reversible – the back has the exact same design! They look really good and go super well with the book set!

And finally, the No Peak Clan Enamel Pin Set! This was designed by @aenteereads! These are without a doubt my favourite! They look so shiny and detailed!

Tadam! SO… What did you guys think of this special edition box?? Did you get it? Have you read the books or are they on your TBR?

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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