What I Got for Christmas 2017

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Hi guys! How was your Christmas??

Mine was for sure amazing! I ate SO much and all the family was together, even the cats were super happy and playing around! I absolutely loved it!Read More »


A Three Months Book Haul


This time I thought in joining the 3 monthly hauls in one since I didn’t get many books in each to do a good haul. This is my haul for the months of August, September, and beginning of October.

I got some really great books to show you guys and many I already read! Many of them are recent, so I hope you enjoy this book haul and make sure you comment what books did you get this month, and if you are excited with some of the ones I got! 😍

I got 32 books, which is a pretty big amount, but since it covers three months it’s not that bad… Right? And like in July, I will also include in this post the books I received from NetGalley, and also some bookish stuff!Read More »

July Book Haul


I wasn’t expecting to do another haul so soon, but oh well! I got some amazing books and I can’t wait to share them! So, last month was my birthday month and I did get some money, so apart from all the books I got, that you can check out here, I decided to spend it on nothing less than more books! So, YEY! 😍 I have no idea when I’m gonna read some of them, but I am excited for all of them, otherwise, I wouldn’t have picked them…

I got 15 books, which is a pretty big amount for me, plus some bookish stuff that I am really excited to show you guys! And I will also include in this post the books I received from Netgalley!

So let’s start this nonsense!

Here are all the books and bookish stuff I got:

Read More »

Huge Birthday Book Haul 2017


Hey guys! Welcome to my most excited birthday haul! ❤

Some days ago was my birthday and I got loads of books from family and friends. I am so freaking happy!! I got SO MANY Books! Like, WTH?! They are everything I could wish for!

So, here is my huge birthday book haul organized by genre, including some pre-orders, that I obviously don’t have yet, but bought with birthday money! ^^ Hope you guys enjoy!Read More »

April Book Haul


This month I ended up buying some (way too many) books, but the majority was actually last month. And I swear I was going to do some Book Haul then, but that never really ended up happening due to lack of time. So I am doing some kind of March and April Book Haul + Netgalley requests, which I’ve never done before.

So I accumulated 15 Books… Like, what?! Yeah, 15 books, I can’t believe it myself… And like that’s not enough I got only in April, some 12 more from Netgalley. I know I’m crazy, but I couldn’t be happier!

Hope you guys enjoy! And let me know if you guys like this type of posts.Read More »