The Christmas Layover by Robert Tate Miller – Review

The Christmas Layover by Robert Tate Miller

Series: N/A

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Published 12 November 2018

Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Holidays

Pages: 270

Format: ARC

Buy: Amazon 

* Received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you very much! This doesn’t affect the review in any way. My opinions are, as always, my own.*

The weather forecasters said the snowstorm would miss the eastern seaboard. They were wrong. When Ally Henderson’s flight from Southern California to New York City for Christmas gets diverted to the tiny Midwestern town of Bethlehem, she’s desperate to get back in the air and back to the Big Apple. But with all the airports closed, she’s forced to rely on Midwestern hospitality to wait out the storm. And she soon learns that she has a storm of her own to weather. One that could shatter her life.

Living with a kind stranger is one way to spend a snowed-in Christmas, but when she meets the local diner owner, Jake, sparks fly. Only, Ally’s a big-city girl with big-city dreams, and Jake will always be a Bethlehem boy. 

Ally Henderson is flying to New York where she is to marry her business partner fiancé in just a few days. Unluckily the weather chnages and makes it impossible to fly and the plane has to be redirected elsewhere. She gets stranded in the small town of Bethlehem, Colorado. The people in this small town try to provide accommodations to their new guests. Ally ends up with her fellow passenger Noel, a very pregnant and talkative lady – and staying with Peggy, an older lady that opens her house to them. Peggy’s son Jake Nelson takes the newcomers to his mother’s house. There’s instant chemistry between Ally and Jake, although both know it can’t become anything. For one Ally is to be married and Jake has problems of his own. But maybe… just maybe this unexpected turn of events that fate provided might lead somewhere?

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Christmas for Beginners by Carole Mathews – Review

Christmas for Beginners by Carole Mathews
Series: Happiness for Beginners #2
Publisher: Sphere
First published October 29th 2020
Genres: Fiction, Christmas, Romance
Pages: 416
Format: Paperback
Buy: Book Depository | Amazon

The gloriously festive sequel to readers’ favourite and Sunday Times bestselling novel Happiness for Beginners


Christmas is fast approaching at the new Hope Farm. Owner Molly Baker has been convinced to organise an open day to raise some much-needed funds ahead of the New Year, but the nativity tableau is proving challenging. With anti-social sheep, awkward alpacas and a seriously sequined Santa Claus to assemble, Molly is feeling overwhelmed, and in desperate need of some Christmas spirit . . .

Despite the chaos of the farm getting in the way of her event planning, Molly is looking forward to spending the holidays with Shelby and Lucas, hopeful that a happy family Christmas is exactly what they need to draw them all together. But while she is busy making plans on the farm, Shelby, it seems, has ideas of his own.

As the nativity draws near, the team are working hard to pull off a spectacular festive fete – and make sure the animals and humans remain on their best behaviour. Will this Christmas be merry and bright, or is there more than one surprise in store for Hope Farm?

A must-read festive tale from the queen of fun-filled and life-affirming fiction, Christmas for Beginners is the PERFECT winter treat!

This book is set at Hope Farm, a farm that is meant to help animals and kids with all the therapeutic glory of animals and nature. Christmas is approaching and Molly, our mc is convinced to organise an open day to raise money to help keep the farm going! But everything is not going according to plan, especially when naughty alpacas decide to take a bite on baby Jesus!

Molly lives in a caravan on the farm with Lucas, her boyfriend Shelby’s kid. Shelby is an important soap star allergic to animals and definitely doesn’t enjoy passing time on the farm and far prefers to live in his house 10min away. Molly is wishing for a beautiful family Christmas but that is also not going according to plan.

How exactly is this Christmas going to be? Will everything she hopes for magically happen?

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A Bookshop Christmas by Rachel Burton – ARC Review

A Bookshop Christmas by Rachel Burton

Series: N/A

Publisher: Aria

Published September 2nd 2021

Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Pages: 416

Format: ARC

Buy: Amazon

* Received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you very much! This doesn’t affect the review in any way. My opinions are, as always, my own.*

A snowstorm. A stranger. A spark. And it’s Christmas!
It should be the perfect start to the perfect love story.

But real life is far messier and more complicated than in the pages of the books in Megan Taylor’s family bookshop – the last few years have left this young widow in no doubt of that. Moving back home to York should have been a fresh start, but all it did was allow her to retreat from the world.

When prize-winning author Xander Stone rams his supermarket trolley into her ankles and then trashes her taste in books, Megan is abruptly awoken from her self-imposed hibernation. It’s time to start living again, and she’s going to start by putting this arrogant, superior – admittedly sexy – stranger in his place.

Just as she is beginning to enjoy life again, the worst happens and Megan begins to wonder if she should have stayed hidden away. Because it turns out that falling in love again is about more than just meeting under the mistletoe…

Megan lost her husband 3 years ago to leukemia. After her husband’s death she felt guilty if she enjoyed anything. Her friends and mom are trying to break her out of the cycle that is grief.

Her family owns a bookstore and after his death she decided to go back home and run the shop. It’s now Christmas time and she is desperately trying to increase the sales by having authors and other events there. In comes Xander Stone. The next author to be there and a big one at that.

But Xander himself is far from just a star. Megan realises she has a lot more to him than the rude front he puts up. Can they help each other to overcome their difficult pasts?

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Baking this Christmas? Here’s some Baking Book Recommendations!

It’s finally December!! Christmas time approaches!

I love Christmas! It’s so cozy and magical! But what I love the most during this time of the year, is to bake!

Here are some Baking Books I’m using this Christmas! They aren’t all Christmas related but the awesome part about baking is to adapt and make something of your own, so… Here we go!

I will talk about 8 Books that I’ve used before or similar ones to the ones I have!

I hope you like it! Enjoy ❤

In no particular order:

1. Marry Berry Fast Cakes by Marry Berry

This is one of the easiest cake books I own. It has a ton of recipes that are on the fast side and overall I’ve had a lot of luck with it! I’ve tried a couple so far both at home and at work and they are a success!

Favs that I’ve baked: Swiss roll and honey cake

2. Illustrated Step-by-Step Baking Cookbook for Kids and Teens by Skye Wade

I recently reviewed this book and was kindly sent it by the author (So thank you so much, I love it!) See the review HERE if you missed it!

I’ve only tried one recopy so far and I’m in love with how easy it is to follow – and it even gives space to write your thoughts, what you would change, and rate it!

If you have kids or just enjoy learning how to bake by yourself, I would highly recommend this one!

Here’s the one I made, and yes the ones in the book look better and I am no chef, but it tasted great, like scones!

3. The Complete Book of Cookies edited by Deborah Gray

This is an oldie but goldie! It has probably all the cookies you would wish for and there’s both easy ones and more elaborated ones. I’ve tried also a couple from this one and they were a success!

Fav that I’ve done: chocolate pinwheels (kinda like swirls) and chocolate chip cookies

I have some Finnish ones I’ll be using, but I’ll talk about similar English ones I found in the same order!

4. The Book on Pie by Erin Jeanne McDowell

The first book in my photo is a book with pies and this one is the one I would go for if I wanted to buy it in English. Seems to have a ton of pie goodness and from the cover not all seem too difficult to accomplish. Plus pies are just HEAVEN!

5. Christmas Baking by  Joyce & Laura Klynstra

The next one I have is not full on baking, but it has a decent chunk of it dedicated to it. This English one however seems to be all about it! Looks amazing and I highly doubt I would be disappointed if I got it, so I hope you wouldn’t be either!

6. Beginner’s Baking Bible  by Heather Perine

The one in the photo is a tiny book with a lot of easy baking goodies. So I thought this would be totally a good dupe for it. Plus it has A LOT more in it than mine does! I think I’m actually going to get it, and like I said I do a lot of baking but am no pro. So Beginner’s baking bible sounds like something I need!

These two are on the pro side, one is in Finnish, the other in English – but no worries, I found a good dupe for it!

7. Pastry School 

I absolutely love the one I have and it has amazing beautiful pastries in it that leave me in awe! So I though this Pastry School sounds even better! It’s a lot bigger and it’s a step-by-step book, which are my absolute favorites! Especially when it comes to pro baking, I definitely need it!

8 Éclaires by Christophe Adam

I must say I have yet to try to do these delicacies by myself! I often open the book and browse it but I need to gather the courage and try it out! They are beautiful for any occasion, but imagine serving Christmas Éclaires?! It’s a dream!

Hope you all are having a great time and tell me what you think about these books, or you can recommend me some new ones!

Thunderpaws and the Tower of London by Ben Housden – ARC Review

Thunderpaws and the Tower of London by Ben Housden

Illustrated By MonoKubo

Series: Nature’s Claws #1

Publisher: High Gate Press

Expected publication: December 1st 2021

Genres: Fantasy, Fiction

Pages: 272

Format: ARC

Buy: Amazon / Book Depository

* Received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you very much! This doesn’t affect the review in any way. My opinions are, as always, my own.*

“I can be the most famous cat in history? Is that why I’m here? Mum said I was special.” 

Life as the foremost feline at the world famous Tower of London is not as glamorous as it sounds. The governor wants him out, the ravens are tricking his whiskers, and there are more scheming Royal ghosts than is healthy for anyone. Teufel has his paws pretty full already, but deep within this ancient landmark are mysteries darker and more frightening than he could ever imagine… 

– is it too late for Teufel to claw his way out of the danger closing in on every side? Is our hero about to become dog food? Or could it be, as the mouse said, that Thunderpaws is destined to save the world?

Colour-illustrated, fantasy action adventure for readers aged 9-90.

Teufel or of course Thunderpaws, since he hasn’t been able to catch any birds, is now living in the famous Tower of London, where his humans moved to from Devon. But being the new Tower Of London Cat is not as easy as it seems and has far too many rules. He soon discovers that there are ghosts with their own plans, ravens who hate him and can read his mind, and a governor who would rather he wasn’t there.
Teufel has to accept his duties once and for all and accept his destiny told by a mouse, to be able to save both the Tower and whole London.

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