Review Policy + Rating System

Thank you for taking the time to examine my policies regarding review copies!

–I Am Only Accepting AudioBooks For Now–

When I’m accepting books in general:
Formats I accept for review:

  • Printed/bound books
  • ebooks  – mobi files only
  • audiobooks

Genres I accept:

  • Young Adult Fiction (some New Adult Fiction)
    • Fantasy, Dystopian, Contemporary, Mystery, (and some Historical Fiction) … But I am opened to suggestions.
  • New adult and Adult contemporary books and Romances
  • Middle Grade
  • Non-Fiction (If I’m interested in the topic)

Genres I don’t accept:

  • Children’s books
  • Poetry
  • Connected with Religion

Information required in an initial email request:

  • Title and Author
  •  Publication Date of the book in case it’s an ARC
  • Synopsis of the book
  • Possible dates you would require the review to be posted (if necessary)

If I am interested in discussing your novel further, I’ll be in touch.

How I review:

I write honest reviews that are given a star-scale rating.
I try to keep the audience in mind when rating a novel – Even if a book is not right for someone, others may enjoy it depending on the type and it’s to those I will recommend.

Updated Ratings:

I follow the “star” rating from 1-5 and I DO give half stars.

Rating System

Out of 5 stars


out of 5


out of 5

World Building / No fantasy – Setting and reality of it

out of 5


out of 5

Overall enjoyability

out of 5

Total:  1 –  5 stars
*Something special (extra) about it

added to rating

I don’t do reviews of DNF books!

How you’ll know I’ve reviewed:

If I’m interested in your book, I will be contacting you (occasionally it might take a bit longer).

If asked, I will contact you when I begin reading the novel.

Once I read it, I will be posting it in my blog and if asked will contact when its posted.

The review will also be posted on Goodreads (and on Amazon if asked)  I occasionally share the link on Twitter (and sometimes Instagram).


I do not receive any compensation for my reviews. What I write are my true thoughts and nothing more.

I look forward to working with you, and becoming a part of the book promotional process!
To contact me please send an email