August Wrap-up and September TBR


Hey guys! I can’t even believe the end of the month is here already! I was a bit off this month, although all my posts went up normally, I wasn’t answering comments or checking any blogs because my classes started and on top of that it was also the only time I had to be with my family before Christmas!

But I’m back now and I am starting to answer the comments I have left and checking what you guys have been reading and posting! (slowly but I’m getting there!)

Anyway, this month I read mainly tiny books due to not having much time but I managed to read 13, so I’m pretty happy with it, and I managed also to complete some of my bingos with them, for which a post is coming out tomorrow!

But enough rambling and let’s get to the wrap-up!

August Wrap-up

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  1. Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin (ARC Review)
  2. Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia
  3. Wires and Nerve, Volume 1 (Wires and Nerves #1) by Marissa Meyer (Review to come)
  4. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur (Review on Goodreads)
  5. Saint Death by Marcus Sedgwick (Review coming on 4/9)
  6. The Stonekeeper’s Curse (Amulet #2) by Kazu Kibuishi (Will do mini reviews when I finish some more)
  7. Moonrise by Sarah Crossan (ARC Review)
  8. Odd & True by Cat Winters (ARC Review)
  9. When I Cast Your Shadow by Sarah Porter (ARC Review coming on 1/9)
  10. Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott (Review coming on 9/9)
  11. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by  Stephen Chbosky (Review to come)
  12. Now I Rise by Kiersten White (Review to come)
  13. Nyxia by

For this month, my Top 3 reads are Eliza and Her Monsters, that I freaking loved! It was so enjoyable and sweet!; Now I Rise that was even better than the first one. It has amazing characters and the plot is very complex and intriguing; and Living Dead Girl that was dark, realistic, and utterly heartbreaking.

But I also loved Saint Death that was very emotional and unexpected and also very important, especially nowadays.

Other books that I really enjoyed this month were Odd & True that I loved how unique and fantastic it was and I can’t wait to get my hardback of it because that cover is just GORGEOUS. Wires and Nerve that I loved to see the world in graphic novel format and left me aching for more, and Young Jane Young that I didn’t expect to enjoy so much!

I started one more book but I didn’t manage to end it this month… Although I’m freaking LOVING it! Can’t wait to share it with you guys!

What were your favorite reads of August? Have you read any of the books mentioned? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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September TBR

August will be the complete contrary of last month! I don’t have as much time to read 1st because I will have some family holidays and 2nd because my classes start. But I am still hopeful that I will get to some that I’ve been dying to read and some ARCs as well.

The books I want to try to read in September are:


This month is mainly filled with new releases! I’m so freaking excited to read them all!! It’s always so difficult to choose what to read first >.<

I’m mainly excited to read Wonder Woman: Warbringer that sounds just AMAZING! First We Were IV that I’ve heard great things about and I’m incredibly happy I managed to get an e-galley copy of it to read thanks to the author! Because to be honest the book is quite expensive and so I wouldn’t be able to buy it just now. But I have it now, so YEY!! And finally Daughter of The Burning City that I’ve been wanting to read since some months ago and it’s finally being released!!

Obviously I’m excited about all of them, otherwise, I wouldn’t be picking them up but those are the ones I most want ASAP.

The one I’m probably least excited is They Both Die at the End just because I didn’t really enjoy Adam’s Silvera last book and I’m not sure if they are just not for me or if it was just that one, so I’m getting this one that sounds really good.

I already started Nyxia and I’m LOVING it!! It’s so freaking good! And I will also start When Dimple Met Rishi still today!!

What’s on your TBR for this month? Are you excited for any of these? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “August Wrap-up and September TBR

  1. You’ve piques my interest on Young Jane Young, I’ll be looking into this one so thank you. It looks like you had a pretty fab reading month even with life things happening. I am very much considering reading Wires & Nerve in September as it is a short read. I also LOVED Eliza and her Monsters to PIECES! &have Odd & True as well as Milk and Honey to get to soon. Your September looks FAB! we’re all so excited for Wonder Woman, I keep refreshing my tracking info lol. Happy reading in September Joana 🙂


  2. I’d love to read Eliza and her Monsters, Wonder Woman: Warbringer, and When Dimple Met Rishi. but I won’t get those books anytime soon 😦 But I’ll try to read Stalking Jack the Ripper this month as well, at least it’s on my TBR! 😛


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